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Monotub Adhesive Filter Disks (6-Pack) filter disc, 90mm, synthetic filter disk, polyfil
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Midwest Grow Kit's Item #: FD4 -

(NEW! Version 2.0) Take the guess work out of the air exchange equation with our newly designed Polyfil filter disks. Constructed from a durable 3" plastic ring and 3M adhesive back, these disks have the perfect flow rate and density to allow the right amount of air exchange for monotubs or any bulk casing style grow. They keep humidity in and allow for the high levels of air exchange needed for any tub or greenhouse. Simply peel and stick over any size hole up to 2.5" diameter. Can also be...

Reusable Self Healing Injection Ports  (25 pack)
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Midwest Grow Kit's Item #: INJ -

(ON SALE NOW!) Self healing injection ports make inoculation a breeze when making your own spawn. Whether its for jar lids or spawn bags they take the guesswork out of inoculations. These self healing ports are made from a special mix of high temp silicone and EPDM foam rubber and a high temp 3M adhesive backing that will stick and hold up to autoclave temperatures. Just peel and stick! They can be re-used many times! Includes: 25 Self healing ports3M Professional Adhesive Backing Works on...

Round Air Filter Vents 0.22 Micron with 3M Backing (32 Pack) filter disks
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Midwest Grow Kit's Item #: FV2 -

(NEW!)  These 0.22 Micron Air Filtration Disks acts as a tool to allow gas exchange in culture containers, grain jars and liquid cultures. The strong 3M adhesive can withstand autoclave temperatures in excess of 250F at 15psi for extended periods when kept covered and dry during sterilization. The overall diameter of the filter is 19mm and the air hole is 10mm (.39"), perfect for standard 1/4" jar lid holes. This product can be stuck to clean hard surfaces, including standard metal jar...

The Capsule Machine - Bonus Kit
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Midwest Grow Kit's Item #: CM1 -

Many people enjoy the health benefits and medicinal properties of mushrooms but do not like the taste. Making your own capsules can be very tricky and usually results in spilled or damaged capsules. Our bonus kit includes 100 size "00" capsules, which easily make 500mg capsules and silica gel desiccant pouches for long term storage. The Capsule Machine is one of the best home encapsulating devices on the market. It automatically joins and ejects filled capsules, making it faster and easier to...

Digital Electronic Miligram Scale .01/200g
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Midwest Grow Kit's Item #: SC2 -

(LIMITED TIME SALE) This extremely low weight (Micro) accurate milligram digital scale weighs in measurements from 0.01 grams - 200 grams in a variety of measuring units. (Gram, ounce, carat, grain, pennyweight, etc.) Perfect for measuring those "Micro" sized things. It comes pre-calibrated. We've tried and tested many models and found this one of the most accurate and reliable models at an affordable price. This scale comes with a 1 year replacement warranty. ...

Exo-Terra Analog Hygrometer
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Midwest Grow Kit's Item #: HY1 -

Exo-Terra Analog Humidity Gauge is perfect for high humidity environments. Simply stick on the wall of any fruiting chamber to easily read the current humidity levels. Includes: Exo-Terra Analog Humidity Gauge in retail packaging Replacement HEPA filter hoses for use with our Hydroponic Humidifier system.

Ultra-Fine Atomizing Spray Mister
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Midwest Grow Kit's Item #: MS1 -

(ON SALE NOW!) Our popular new ultra-fine spray mister is the perfect way to add humidity to any fruiting chamber, monotub or greenhouse. The pump-style design requires no batteries and produces a super-fine water particle size that traditional spray bottles cannot match. You cannot accidentally over-saturate your cakes or bulk grow! The 1.5oz water reservoir dispenses the perfect amount and prevents over-saturation. Simply unscrew the top, add purified water and pull out the bottom pump...

1000W Digital Temperature Controller/Thermostat  temperature controller,heat mat thermostat
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Midwest Grow Kit's Item #: DTC1 -

The 1000W Digital Temperature Controller gives you effortless control over temperature! Extremely easy to set up and use, simply set the desired temperature on the display, insert the thermometer probe in your grow chamber and plug in your heating device. Works with all our kits and accessories; heating mats, aquarium heaters, Ecosphere heat lamps, and even small space heaters! If you struggle with large temperature fluctuations in your growing area, this will keep your temperatures within 1-2...

Liquid Graphite Heating Mat  heating pad, heating mat
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Midwest Grow Kit's Item #: HM1 -

This 21"x 11" under-tank style heating mat uses liquid graphite to evenly heat the surface with no hot spots! Traditional heating pads use wires, which can lead to uneven heating and hot spots. This powerful heater only uses 28 watts of electricity but is equivalent to 200 Watts of heat. The adjustable dial allows for precise sustainable temperature control.

Bonsai Flow Hood 99.99% HEPA Replacement Filters (Regular or XL) Laminar,Flow Hood,Clean,Bench,HEPA
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Midwest Grow Kit's Item #: FL2 -

Bonsai HEPAFLOW-12 & Bonsai HEPAFLOW-XL Replacement HEPA Filters. The rated filter life is 3,000 hours or 3-5 years of normal use. Dirty environments can reduce the lifespan. Select the 12"X12" Replacement Filter or the 24"x18" XL Filter for Bonsai Flow Hood99.99% at .3 micronDesigned for easy filter replacementsPlease Note* XL 24"x18" Filters are due in May 20th. So any orders for replacement XL filters will be held until May 20th. ...

Mini Digital Hygrometer/Thermometer
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Midwest Grow Kit's Item #: MD1 -

This Mini digital thermometer is perfect for monitoring the incubation and fruiting temperatures and humidity in any size setup! Perfect for bulk grows, it mounts easily to the side of any container. The easy to read screen displays temperature and humidity levels. The compact size of less than 1" and weighing only .6oz it can collect readings in any spot without damaging your grow. Includes 2 lithium LR44 batteries.

Premium Coir Brick (650g)
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Midwest Grow Kit's Item #: Cr1 -

Coir is one of the best bulk mediums to grow mushrooms in. It's naturally resistant to mold and bacteria and mushrooms absolutely love it. When wet it expands to over 2.5 cubic feet. There are many different brands, styles and textures of coir sold for many different uses. We have hand selected Coco Coir, the best producing variety and brand available for growing mushrooms.