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Exo-Terra 2 Liter Ultra-Fine Atomizing Pump Mister
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The Exo Terra Mister is an easy-to-use pressure sprayer that eliminates the chore of using trigger sprayers. The spray nozzle can be adjusted to allow either single stream or full mist spraying, and it has a locking mechanism that allows for continuous spraying. The large capacity reservoir holds 2 litres (67.5 fl oz) and is ideal for use with larger or multiple terrariums, outdoor set-ups, and in greenhouses. Features: Spray Bottle with pump style designHuge 2 Liter Capacity No batteries...

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Perlite is a porous volcanic rock used to create humidity in a fruiting chamber. Simply add water and the perlite will slowly evaporate water evenly over a long time. We use a specific variety of perlite that is 100% pure. No artificial plant food that is found in most kinds available at local stores.

Sterile Spore Injection Pack
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Sterile Spore Injection Pack includes your basic essentials for injecting spores or liquid cultures into any substrate. Includes five 16 gauge 1.5" Luer Lock needles that are compatible with almost modern syringes. Why bother buying hundreds of these items when you just need a few.

The Mushroom Humidity Dome Mycodome,humidity,dome
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New to Midwest is the Mushroom Humidity Dome. Perfect for any stage of mushroom growing, the Humidity Dome can be used for incubating & Fruiting jars and bulk casing grows. Add Perlite and create the perfect fruiting chamber for Jars or use as a bulk growing container! Measuring 20.5" x 10" x 2.75" its the optimal size for a bulk casing grow. Heavy duty tray and dome will hold up through multiple uses!

Ready to Grow Gourmet Mushroom Kit (5lbs)  Your Choice!  lions mane,oyster,shiitake,beech,cordyceps,enoki
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(Rare and Hard to Find Varieties!)  Our " Ready to Grow" kits currently sold in our retail store are now available online! Midwest Organics ready to grow mushroom Kits are the fast and easy way to enjoy delicious mushrooms and their health benefits. Our 5 pound grow kits use a proprietary mix of hardwood & grain spawn. Using only first generation mycelium, our colonized bags produce around 2.5-3 pounds of mushrooms. Easy to use, just cut and mist or place the bag in a clear tote along...