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Our History...

Welcome to, Midwest Grow Kits & Midwest Organics! Today we are one of the largest USA suppliers of bulk mushroom substrate, mushroom growing equipment & mushroom cultivation kits for use in mycological study, research, and various applications.

We are proud to be one of the founding companies in our industry and still hold our small family owned company values as we have grown leaps and bounds over the years. 

Midwest Organics, our parent company has been supplying substrate to commercial mushroom growers for over 18 years. Midwest Grow Kits was born in 2011 to provide the hobby shroom fanatic the easiest way to start growing mushrooms at home without any prior knowledge of how to grow shrooms! We have grown leaps and bounds over the last 18 years!

Our History:

  • In 2003 we sold organic bulk substrate additives to commercial operations
  • In 2004 our first EBay store opened selling to hobbyists
  • In 2006 our product line expanded to include Jars & Rye Spawn & basic growing supplies. 
  • In 2009 our product line on EBay was tested in retail hydroponic stores in the Midwest area and the demand for the "All-Inclusive" Kits was born.
  • In 2011 Midwest Grow Kits was officially launched and moved from a busy part-time hobby to a full-time business of 3 people.
  • In 2013 we opened our first 1,000 sq/ft retail/commercial location in the busy Chicago neighborhood of Bucktown expanding to a team of 8.
  • In 2016 we moved to a 3,000 sq/ft production/shipping location in Algonquin, IL employing a dedicated staff of 12!
  • In April 2020 we moved to our current 8,500 sq/ft production/shipping & Retail center in Woodstock, IL. We grew our team to 18 and installed several custom pieces of machinery to help keep our product quality consistent and be able to satisfy the needs of our commercial growers. 
  • In 2021 we have made many improvements & updates to our production and shipping departments. We now have an amazing team of 22 full-time and 3 part-time employees to ensure you have the best experience we can offer. 2021 has been an even more challenging year with constant supply chain issues, product shortages and raw material price increases. Thanks to our loyal customers and product demand we have continued to grow and have been able to keep our prices low. 
  • In 2022 we partnered with the team at Myco Labs to bring their expertise in genetics and isolation to our family. We have helped them bring many of their retail products to market and have welcomed them as one of our house brands.
  • In 2023 we expanded our team to 28 Full time and 6 part time employees. We now have a total of 14,000 sq/ft of warehouse and production area between 2 buildings. We now have the ability to stock and sell wholesale & commercial equipment to all the new mushroom businesses just like us almost 20 years ago! 
  • In April 2024 Midwest Organics acquired Blue Myco Manufacturing. Partnering with Bonsai Filtration, we have big plans for this brand. As avid users and fans of these sterilizers, we will be able to provide better service and support to all the mycology businesses that use this equipment across North America.
  • In May 2024 we opened our 3rd location in the same business park allowing us more storage and laboratory space along with a service area for the Blue Myco Brand.

Navigating the world of mushroom cultivation can often feel like walking through a maze of conflicting advice. You might find yourself inundated with varying techniques and tips from every forum post you read or video you watch, leading to confusion and overwhelm. That's where Midwest Grow Kits steps in. Our grow kits and methods are meticulously designed to simplify the mushroom cultivation process, prioritizing both maximum yields and user-friendliness.

If you are new to growing and searching around you probably already know how much contradicting information there is out there on how to grow mushrooms. Every message board you read or video you watch contains different tips, methods and ideas on growing, which can get very overwhelming and confusing. All of our growing methods and kits are designed to get maximum yields with the ease of use in mind. We understand that most of our hobbyists have a full-time life and may not be able to constantly check on their grow every few hours. Our most popular kits are fully automated and take the worry out of growing!

Consistent Quality is our mission and goal everyday. We have fine tuned almost all aspects of production and use only the best tried and tested ingredients. Our production team consists of 24 full time specialists and 5 part timers who know how to pay attention to the small details mushroom cultivation requires. 

All of us at Midwest Grow Kits are dedicated in providing you with the absolute best mushroom growing experience in the industry. We pride ourselves in knowing that we are producing top quality products at a low affordable cost, so that anyone can venture into the magic world of mushrooms. We supply every customer with an easy to follow and in-depth grow guide which covers everything from how to set up your mushroom kit to the best and most effective way on how to grow shrooms. Have fun and enjoy your mushroom growing experience!