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So you got your new mushroom grow kit in the mail. Good for you! Now you have a lot of work ahead of you to grow delicious mushrooms. Your environment greatly impacts mushroom growth, so you want to ensure you find the right spot. So where should you place your mushroom grow kit for maximum growth? Learn more about it here.

Keep It Indoors

You want to keep your mushroom grow kit indoors. We understand that mushrooms grow just fine outside in forest areas and parks, but beginners should keep them indoors so that they can constantly monitor them. After it finishes fruiting the first time, you can reuse the kit and place it outside after colonization. However, for now, keeping a close eye on it is ideal.

Somewhere With Indirect Sunlight

You shouldn’t place your mushroom grow box directly in the sun because too much light can hinder growth. Because of this, it’s ideal to place it somewhere where it’ll get light on a six-hour schedule. This encourages a “rest and renew” cycle that can help your mycelium colonize your substrate. Because of this, we recommend placing your grow kit on a windowsill or directly opposite a window. That’s the perfect way to take advantage of a good dawn-dusk cycle for your mushrooms.

Somewhere With Cool Temperatures

Temperatures are a top concern for any budding mushroom cultivator. Mushrooms grow at any temperature between 64 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of this, it’s important to keep your grow kit away from direct contact with a heater or air conditioner. When the temperature exceeds 75 degrees, it typically keeps your mushrooms from growing to full capacity. So keep your mushroom grow kit in the room farthest from the air conditioner or heater. This is the best place to put your mushroom grow kit. If you have central air, turn it down during the growth cycle.

Growing mushrooms is a delicate process. Luckily, we have everything you need here at Midwest Organics. Here at Midwest Organics, we sell easy-to-use grow kits for budding and experienced cultivators. Shop Midwest Organics today!

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