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Many add mushrooms to savory dishes for a touch of umami flavor and unique texture. However, their delicious taste isn’t the only reward you can reap! Eating mushrooms can give you a variety of essential nutritional benefits that can help you function and feel better. Learn more about the top five health advantages you can expect when you feast on mushrooms.

A Dose of Vitamin D

Consider adding a few extra mushrooms to your diet if you rely on supplements or sunlight to get your daily intake of vitamin D. Portobello, cremini, and white button mushrooms carry the highest concentrations of vitamin D, which promotes bone health and effective calcium absorption.

Interestingly, exposing your mushrooms to sunlight can increase the amount of vitamin D they offer! Before adding them to your soup or salad, slice them up and place them in direct sunlight for 15 minutes.

Improved Gut Health

Your gut is home to a complex microbiome of bacteria and microorganisms that promote effective digestion and overall good health. Many nutritionists consider mushrooms to be a form of prebiotics, which stimulate the growth and reproduction of those healthy bacteria.

The polysaccharides in mushrooms do not break down in your stomach acid the way most foods do. This resistance allows them to pass undigested into your large intestine and encourage healthy bacteria to flourish there.

Enhanced Immune System

One of the polysaccharides you’ll find in mushrooms is beta-glucan, a soluble fiber that plays a crucial role in your immunity to common illnesses. Beta-glucan stimulates the growth of immune cells like macrophages, which fight off germs as they enter your system.

The selenium and B vitamins in mushrooms also prevent cell damage and encourage your immune system to kick infections as they appear. Grow some immune-boosting mushrooms with an indoor mushroom kit from Midwest Grow Kits if catching a bug concerns you.

Brain Protection

A diet rich in mushrooms can slow the progression of neurodegenerative conditions and fend off mild cognitive impairment. Shiitake, oyster, and golden mushrooms can slow down cognitive impairment and may even aid in managing Alzheimer’s disease.

Not only that, but mushrooms like lion’s mane can promote nerve growth and improve your memory! Add a cup or two of mushrooms to your weekly diet to keep your brain in top condition.

Lower Blood Pressure

Because mushrooms are so flavorful on their own, adding them to your food reduces your temptation to add extra salt. Additionally, the extra potassium you’ll find in mushrooms can fight the negative effects of sodium in your arteries and improve your vessels’ overall function.

The more potassium you add to your diet through mushrooms, the more sodium you’ll excrete via urine. Less sodium in your system means lower overall blood pressure!

You’ll be happy to learn that you’re reaping several nutritional benefits if you love to eat mushrooms for their unique flavor. Learn to grow mushrooms with equipment from Midwest Grow Kits and harness the power of these five advantages!

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