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Are you interested in mycology? Thinking about growing your own mushrooms? There are so many different kinds of mushrooms, it seems impossible to pick just one. However, a certain amazing mushroom is popular and helpful for people with numerous health conditions. It's also easy for a first-time cultivator to grow. Turkey Tail mushrooms have many surprising benefits, and we'll elucidate some below. You can’t beat this medicinal mushroom!

Anti-Cancer Properties

Some promising studies show that Turkey Tails have incredible benefits for a person diagnosed with cancer: they reduce the size of tumors and are often used in tandem with cancer treatments. If you have cancer, it's important to talk to your doctor about the cancer-fighting properties of Turkey Tail mushrooms to ensure they’re right for you. If they give you the green light, consider growing it in your next mushroom starter kit.

It's a wonderful supplement!

Good for Your Gut

Turkey Tail mushrooms contain polysaccaharopeptide (PSP) that contributes to gut health. PSP helps with digestion, overall health and vitality, and an improved immune system. It also helps rid the body of harmful bacteria and contaminants. This is important, specifically if you have digestive problems like diarrhea or frequent stomachaches. This surprising benefit of Turkey Tail mushrooms may boost your health.

Rich in Antioxidants

Turkey Tail mushrooms have a ton of antioxidants, like phenols and flavonoids. They can prevent cell damage in the body and work as an anti-aging mechanism. If you're older, it might be wise to integrate this mushroom into your diet or take it in pill form. You won't have to taste it if you aren't a fan of mushrooms.

In short, mushrooms are here to stay, and so are their benefits. Why not take advantage of them? Get yourself some Turkey Tail and shop at Midwest Organics LLC while you're at it! You won't be disappointed.

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