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You’re likely excited and ready to start your growth journey if you have a mushroom grow kit. However, you must learn how to properly operate it, especially after colonization, when it’s time to open the bag. Any seasoned cultivator can tell you that the mushroom cultivation process is delicate, so you must correct the little details, such as opening your mushroom spawn bag. So how do you correctly open a mushroom spawn bag? Read on to find out more.

What’s a Mushroom Grow Bag?

A mushroom growth bag is durable and heat resistant. People typically use it to sterilize substrates to help mushrooms grow. It can also make spawn production more robust. They generally feature a small filter patch, allowing fresh air to come in while contaminated air stays out. This is an essential process that keeps the substrate contaminant free.

When To Open

A grow kit generally requires two to three weeks from its production date to colonize fully. Once the mushrooms fruit, tiny mushroom pins begin forming. Opening the bag then not only offers you substantial airflow but also gives the mushrooms room to grow. You’ll know this is occurring because you’ll see the layer of mycelium growing throughout the substrate surface. This will look similar to mold that grows on aged cheese. Opening the mushroom growing bag exposes the substrate to fresh air. After those three weeks, it’s time to open the bag and harvest your colony.

How To Cut and Open

While holding the bag in one place, make your incision a few millimeters through the plastic to expose the substrate that the mycelium has colonized. Mushrooms grow in the direction of clean air. After you’ve cut it, you can harvest the mushrooms and fold the opening in the bag closed for fresh air exchange. You can always reuse the bag when you decide to harvest it again or create another batch. This is how you correctly open a mushroom spawn bag. Overall, the process is simple and effective.

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