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Mushroom Growing Kits

At Midwest Grow Kits, we’ve developed a line of crucial mushroom growing kits suitable for everyone from the most novice to the most expert growers.

Our mushroom starter kit page showcases a variety of mushroom cultivation kit offerings. They range from the Simple Mushroom Grow Kit, designed for low-key growing, to the Monsoon Monster Ecosphere kit—perfect for the dedicated grower.

Wherever you fall on the growing spectrum, Midwest Grow Kits has the right mushroom grow kits to get your feet wet or dive right in. Our kits come with spawn bags, substrate jars, incubators, and other tools essential for effective growing. Along with your mushroom grow box, you’ll automatically have access to our step-by-step video grow guide after checkout! Thank you for choosing Midwest Grow Kits, and we wish you happy growing!