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Grow Kit Comparison Chart

Mushroom Kit

Simple Mushroom Kit
Mushroom Kit
Mushroom Kit

Container size 16 Quart 30 Quart 56 Quart

Substrate Jars (½ Pint) 6 Jars 12 Jars 18 Jars

Thermometer with Hygrometer / Humidity Gauge Analog Digital Digital

Ultra fine premium Perlite 1 Gallon 1 Gallon 2 Gallons

1100 Lumen HP LED 110V Light

LED Grow Light 36 Diode 6000k LED 36 Diode 6000k LED 36 Diode 6000k LED

Hospital Grade Gloves

Isopropyl Alcohol swabs

Step by step instructions

Electric 50-100W adjustable heater
Aquarium Under Tank

Silcone Air hoses with built in HEPA filters
1 Hose 2 Hoses

Electric air pump

High Power

Electric 24 hour timer with 24 on/off settings per day

Hydroponic Humidifier