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66 Quart Monotub Fruiting Chamber with Filter Disks and Liner

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Item #: MT66
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    Looking for maximum yields in one tub? This 66Q Gasket Monotub is the solution! These monotubs come with 8 laser cut 2" air exchange holes. Made with only the highest quality materials and featuring a pre-cut UV-Sterilized black liner for effortless setup, these containers are perfect for any bulk grow operation.

    We found the largest monotub fruiting chamber that strikes the perfect balance of size and usability that still ensures healthy yields. With carefully placed air exchange holes low on the long sides and high on the short sides to maximize air exchange. These Monotubs facilitates optimal air flow while minimizing the risk of mold or contamination from stagnant air pockets that are often found in DIY setups. The holes are laser cut on a machine to prevent cracking and maximize the life. 

    We recommended 10 pounds of Bulk Substrate & 3-5 lbs or quarts of grain spawn per tub

    Includes & Features:

    • Large 66Q size measuring 25"x16.75"x13"
    • 8 Laser cut 2" air exchange holes
    • 8 Peel and stick Monotub Filter Disks
    • Made with the highest quality virgin polypropylene for ultimate clarity
    • 6 locking handles with built in rubber gasket
    • Includes pre-cut UV-Sterilized black liner and filter disks for hassle-free setup.

    So why settle for subpar grow containers when you can upgrade to the best?  

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      (Spring Sale!)  Maximize your harvest with a 66Q Gasket Monotub Fruiting Chamber - the ultimate solution for high-yield bulk grow operations! Made from crystal clear polypropylene and complete with a pre-cut UV-Sterilized black liner, these containers are easy to set up and built to last. With eight laser-cut 2" air exchange holes strategically placed to optimize airflow and minimize the risk of mold or contamination, our monotubs ensure healthy yields every time.

      This strategically designed monotub fruiting chamber maximizes air exchange by placing the holes low on the long sides and high on the short sides, preventing stagnant air pockets that can cause problems in DIY setups. The laser-cut holes are precisely crafted to prevent cracking and ensure long-lasting durability. Don't settle for less - order your 66Q Gasket Monotub today and experience maximum yields with minimal effort.

      This Monotub fruiting chamber is also capable of two side-by-side grows in one bin! Simply pick up a pack of our Medium Pre-Cut, self-supporting 30-36 Quart Liners and two fit side by side. Perfect for growing two different strains at the same time!

      What is a Monotub?

      The purpose of the monotub fruiting chamber is to establish a regulated setting that promotes the growth and maturation of mushrooms, necessitating stable temperatures and high humidity levels. The chamber is maintained by frequent misting and fanning, which promotes the development of healthy, full-bodied fruiting bodies. The monotub fruiting chamber is a popular method of mushroom cultivation because it is relatively simple to construct and operate, and can yield large amounts of mushrooms in a relatively short period of time.

      Looking to set up a commercial Grow? Purchase these at wholesale pricing by the pallet! 

        68Q size measuring 25.5"x16.75"x12.5"
        • One (1) 68 Quart Monotub Fruiting Chamber
        • Includes 8 Monotub Filter Disks
        • Includes Pre-Cut UV Sterilized Monotub Liner
        Overall Customer Rating of 19 Reviews:
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        66 quart grow tub

        review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
        It came with filters and liners. I plan to use it next year.

        I looked at all containers and chose this

        review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
        I really liked its style , simplicity and room . Now that I see it in person it’s even better , very thick , very solid . Sturdy

        Palm Harbor, Florida

        Mono tub

        review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
        • Price
        • Quality
        It arrived on time and in great shape, can’t wait to try it out


        review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
        I like this Monotub a lot. This is my first grow and i just started using it. But it's very sturdy and well made. I thought of making my own monotub in the future but these are so nice i think i will buy more. And it came with nice filter disks and a black liner. And has wheels.



        review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
        I have ordered supplies from you several times now and every order comes complete, professionally packaged and on time.