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  • 36 Diode HP LED Grow Light
  • Grower's Select LED Mushroom Light
  • 125 Watt Equivalent - 900 lumens - Uses only 15 Watts
  • Custom built with dual spectrum technology
  • 6350K to stimulate pinning & growth
  • 5000K to sustain natural daylight rhythms
  • 360 degree lighting coverage
  • Includes socket outlet adapter for use with any extension cord or outlet
  • 110V E27 base
  • Midwest Grow Kit's exclusive product
  • Now included in all of our grow kits!
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    (ON SALE!) Our Grower's Select Light is one of our top selling accessories! A light designed from the ground up with the perfect spectrum & brightness mushrooms crave! Lighting plays a very important role in the growth and life cycle of mushrooms. Mushrooms use light in many ways including: 

    • Trigger the fruiting cycle, to produce the actual mushroom fruit body
    • Which general direction to grow
    • Maintain the natural day/night cycle.

    Our custom manufactured light is not sold anywhere else. The dual spectrum light provides the optimal lighting spectrum that helps promote pinning and mushroom growth in all cycles of growth. The alternating diodes of 5000k & 6350K offer 360 degree coverage in any container or greenhouse.

    (No wholesale inquiries please) 

    Overall Customer Rating of 47 Reviews:

    Small and easy to install

    This light works great for fruiting. Easy to install and gives just the amount of light needed.

    Both LED lighting and Black cow casing

    The LED lighting works fine and the Black cow casing fills in fast

    The best light I've yet seen!

    I had a beautiful colony all ready to pin, but they stalled. Introduced this light and now I have a beautiful healthy flush of mush growing up! Love this item!

    Works like a charm

    Works so well we bought a second set of everything!!!



    • color
    • brightness level
    • price
    Nothing like a little peace of mind that the thing you are doing is right. I had concerns prior to buying this light and placing it in the tent... The color is different that the bulb I had in previous. The shrooms have shown excellent growth/ response.

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