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6 Ultimate 1/2 Pint Substrate Jars Include:

  • Natural Organic Brown Rice Flour
  • Vermiculite
  • Mineral Water
  • Liquid worm castings
  • Bee Pollen
  • Fully Sterilized - Ready to go!

Price: $25.00


    (Daily Limit in Place) Our 8oz Ultimate substrate jars are the quite possibly the best on the net! We have worked for over 15 years looking for perfection! We finally found it! We have combined special organic brown rice flour with vermiculite, mineral water, Liquid worm castings and Bee pollen to create the Ultimate mushroom growing jars! Each jar has four pre-drilled holes in the lid and a top dry layer of vermiculite for added protection. We have customers who have been using our jars for over 10 years simply because no other jars will out-perform ours! With the Fastest possible colonization times, the largest possible mushrooms no other jars will perform like these! We use Ball 100% Glass Canning jars! No plastic substitutes like others sell!

    We hand make every jar the morning your kit ships so your jars are the freshest possible! They are pressure sterilized in our Autoclave for 120 minutes.

    **Click here to read our update page about national canning jar shortages and pricing**

    Overall Customer Rating of 153 Reviews:

    6 jars for 30 $ to the door

    • Shipping
    • price
    • great product
    • Absolutely none
    I got 6 jars sterilized jars sent to my house for les than 30 total , the time alone that it takes to mix and the right amount of water with grain and verm and sterilize in a pressure cooker is well worth you dont have to worry about contamination because you didnt sterilize, will be ordering from midwest grow kits alot 5 stars!

    Awesome and high quality

    I can tell this company cares for their consumers based on the quality + pricing of these substrate jars. Wow. I can tell the substrate quality is just fantastic without even growing yet. I’m genuinely impressed. The price is so incredibly reasonable for such an amazing product! I’ll definitely be returning :)

    New Orleans, LA

    Great Product

    Zero complaints about these jars. They always come fully pasteurized and ready to go. Never had a problem. Highly recommend!

    Land of the Lizards


    Packaged super well. Bionicly fast colonization. I had growth, not spots of growth, but full-on half-dollar-sized growth after just short of three days.
    Two different strains from two different vendors provided same results! Thanks, Troy

    Great product!

    Price was great, Jars are great, Shipping took a long time though.

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