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The Mushroom Ecosphere 3.0 Foundation Edition

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    The Ecosphere 3.0 Foundation Edition lets you fully customize your mushroom greenhouse setup! You choose what option package you need.
    Whether you're growing in bags, Jars, Bins, Trays, or more this is the customizable turn-key solution to growing in mass quantities. By utilizing vertical space, the Mushroom Ecosphere has over 17 cubic feet of interior space while only taking up a small amount of floor space. The Ecosphere gives you 4 customizable tiers of growing room allowing for multiple growing projects all in one space!

    The Foundation Edition includes all the core components!

    • The Ecosphere 3.0 Foundation Edition Includes:
      • 4-Tier Greenhouse with 17.7 Cubic Feet of interior growing space. 29” X 20” X 63.5” (L X W X H)
      • Grower's Select 3 Liter Monsoon Humidifier
      • Grower's Select 16 ft COB LED Strip Light Set
      • Custom Heavy Duty 8mm HDPE Drip Liner with 3" walls
      • 10 Peel & Stick Air Exchange Polyfil Filter Disks for Passive Air Exchange
      • Bluetooth Thermometer/Hygrometer - View and track temperature & Humidity levels on the device or your phone!
      • Heavy Duty 24 Hour Timer for lighting control
      • Heavy Duty 24 Hour Timer for Manual Humidity Control
      • Zip Ties
      • Setup Guide with Step by Step instructions

    Elevate your mushroom cultivation with the Ecosphere 3.0 Foundation Edition and Invest in a system that grows with you and your projects. Add the Foundation Edition to your cart and take advantage of the discounted accessories to expand and enhance your setup. The Foundation Edition is perfect for anyone that does not need internal temperature control.

    Optional Accessories: Click the product name to learn more about each accessory. 

    • Digital Humidity Controller - Gives you precise control over humidity levels. Simply plug the humidifier into the controller, set your desired humidity range and turn it on!
    • Fresh Air Amplifier Fan System - Easily increase your fresh air exchange in your tent with this fan/filter system.
    • Heavy Duty Hard Molded Drip Tray- Made from thick polypropylene blend this rigid tray fits snug underneath your greenhouse allowing for easy cleaning and gives your floors maximum protection.
    • 5th Tier Attic Shelf - Maximize space by adding a 5th tier to your greenhouse. This extra shelf is great for incubating or adding an additional growing tray in the top area of the greenhouse.
    • Digital Temperature Controller - This device allows you to program and achieve the desired temperature of any external heating device like a space heater, heating mat, heating lamp or more. 

    Maximum recommended substrate capacity or a combination.

    Jars only Spawn Bags Casing Trays
    8 Cases    20 Bags        5 Trays
    (96 Jars) (10 orders) (5- Select Casing Mix)

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    Solid Price for what you get!

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    All good! Love u guys