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30 Quart All American Pressure Sterilizer - Model 930

30 Quart All American Pressure Sterilizer - Model 930 (AA30)

5.00 stars, based on 1 reviews
The standard for home sterilization is the All-American lineup of Pressure Sterilizers. We recommend the 30 Quart size. This is the best value and space for the money. These will last 20+ years and are the gold standard for stovetop pressure...

Outstanding quality!

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  • Quality
  • simplicity
  • Price
  • but you get what you pay for!
This thing is a BEAST! Comfortably fits about 8 of the quart size jars in the bottom row, then enough room for several smaller liquid culture jars or small grain jars at top level. I actually haven’t used it yet, but I’m excited to and I’m sure it will work flawlessly just by looking at the quality of the build. I was about to order a cheap $100 pressure cooker, but decided if I’m going to take my hobby seriously I might as well invest in a product that will last me a very long time. The simplicity of this cooker and lack of any gaskets that will fail over time was the biggest selling point for me. Less maintenance is always a bonus especially when you’re dealing with high pressure in your home. If you’re serious about your hobby spend the extra and go with something that you’ll be able to give to your kids when they’re older :)
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