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Update: 2/19/2022 - New Autoclaves! 

We have been testing 3 new autoclaves over the last few months that are capable of higher pressures. We have found that sterilizing grain spawn at 22 PSI has significantly improved the shelf life and also makes the grain germinate quicker! More testing to come! If you haven't tried our spawn bags in the last 2 months you will be amazed at the difference in how fast they germinate and grow!

Each autoclave can hold 600 spawn bags in one 3-hour cycle.... or 2 employees! ;-) 

Update: 12/1/2021 - Our Holiday Sale Starts Now!

We are continuing our Black Friday sale into December with new products on sale and discounts changing weekly! Each week a new set of kits and supplies will be discounted up to 35% off!

Update: 11/25/21 - Our Black Friday Weekend Deals Start Now!

Our lowest prices of the year on our most popular kits and supplies! With a year filled with supply chain issues and costs of raw materials sky rocketing we are glad to still be able to offer these once a year deals!

Update: 9/3/2021 - Labor Day Sale!

Save 10-35% on select Kits and Supplies! Plus save additional 5% off site wide! Excludes Bonsai Flowhoods. Extended Through Friday 9/10/21! Use Coupon Code: LABOR21 (Case Sensitive)

Update: 7/3/2021 - July Substrate Jar sale!

Save 10-20% on all substrate Jars! Promo ends 7/10/21 11:59PM CST

Update: 5/13/2021 - Summer Kick off Sale!

Our Summer Kit off Sale starts today! Save 10% on many of our popular supplies and Kits! Make sure to use coupon code: SUMMER521 at checkout. *Case sensitive* Sale & promo ends 5/21/21 11:59PM CST

Update: 2/14/2021 - Polar Vortex & Shipping

Another polar vortex has its grasp on most of the country this week, we just want to mention that this is actually the best time of year to order. All our substrate will arrive extra fresh courtesy of mother nature.

Agar is the only product that will be affected if it freezes and thaws multiple times. We are shipping hot packs with agar orders with longer shipping times or upgrading these orders to faster shipping times when available.

We always get emails this time of year with people worried the cold will ruin their kit or substrate. There are very few problems during these cold spells. The main one is cracked containers. The cold causes plastic to become extra brittle. We've doubled up on extra foam padding and bubbles so hopefully we wont have to ship too many replacements this coming week.

Happy Growing!

Update: 1/8/2021 - New Update to all the Mushroom Ecosphere Kits

Starting today we have just implemented these updates to the Ecosphere Kits.
Updates include:
- Redesigned climate control system
- New digital temperature controller. Simply set the desired temp and you're done!
- Better FAE (Free Air Exchange) on all 4 shelves
- No price increases!!

Update: 12/01/20 - Some Shipping Updates

Like everyone in the e-commerce world, we had a very busy Black Friday Weekend! Thank you everyone for your orders and supporting small businesses! We truly appreciate it. We are doing our best to ship all orders out within 48 hours, but we do anticipate some order delays this week. We are going to send out "shipping" emails with tracking numbers but check your tracking after 8pm CST to see if the order shipped. 

Update: 10/30/20 - 30oz 5grain Jars in stock!

New 32oz straight sided jars arrived! Try them in our amazing new 5grain Jars! Our brand new recipe featuring 100% Organic food grade grains! The germination and colonization rates shocked us! See for yourself! :)

Update: 10/26/20 - New 5-grain spawn bags

We've updated our 5grain spawn bags with 100% organic food-grade grain! Most companies selling mushroom spawn use animal grade or seed grade grains which require extensive rinsing and is generally a lower quality grain. Food grade is uses only the best grain from the harvest and arrives 100% clean with minimal rinsing.

We've updated out recipe after 2 months of testing and our new blend has exceeded all our expectations in germination & colonization times. All 5grain orders starting 10/26 will receive bags from this new recipe.  

Update: 10/19/20 - Canning Jar shortage Update

We have sourced jars from a different vendor (Owens Corning) for

our half pint canning jars and unfortunately with demand outpacing

supply we are have put a cap on jar orders for the next 30 days. We anticipate our normal shipment of jars to arrive in 4 weeks. 

Update: 9/18/20 - Supply Shortages- Canning Jars/Bins

In case you haven't noticed the empty shelves at your local stores where the canning jars used to be, we are in a national jar shortage right now. The main supplier Rubbermaid Corporation who owns Ball/Kerr Brands of jars is back-ordered into November on all sizes. Luckily we have no shortage of half pint jars but all the 24oz and 16oz jars we use for the 5-grain jars are out of stock. We are working with other vendors to source a comparable jar, check back soon!

The other supply issue we are now facing comes from Sterilite, the maker of the storage bins we use for the kits. We are also working with other vendors to source comparable product but as of now we are trying to keep as much as we can in stock.

Update: 8/26/20 - New Showroom Open!

You can now pick up your order from our new Woodstock, IL location. We have most supplies and products in stock. You can call or email us ahead of time and we can have most orders ready the same or next business day. If you place an order online, please email us or call so we don't ship it. If the order is under $99.00 we will refund the shipping after you pick up.

We need 24 hour notice for any larger order, Ecosphere & Flowhood.

We now carry a large assortment of 10cc Gourmet Liquid Culture Syringes $15.00 /each in our retail location only.

Pearl Oyster - Elm Oyster - Blue Oyster - Pink Oyster - Reishi - Lion's Mane - Shittake -Chicken of the Woods - Black Morel - Yellow Morel- Portabello - Black Poplar & more!

Order/Shipping Update: 6/4/20

We have a few products that are out of stock. The first are the 24oz 5Grain Jars. The glass jar manufacturer Ball, who is owned by Rubbermaid is not producing 24oz Jars again until July. We have substituted a new 16oz Jar with the same recipe. Customers who have purchased 24oz Jars in the past have been asking if they can send us their used jars. We decided to allow this and discount the price $1.50 per jar to make it worth recycling. If you are interested in shipping us your 24oz jars, here is what you should do.

-Wash the jars thoroughly, pack them in box with plenty of padding. Only send the glass part. We will provide new bands and lids.

- The cheapest way to ship them is to go to and print a label and drop off at any Walgreens or FedEx location.

-Please include your information clearly and a previous order number if you have it. We will send you an email invoice for the new jar order with the discount. We will ship the order within 48 hours of receiving the jars. Email us for any additional questions.

We are currently out of stock on the greenhouses for the Ecosphere Units. We are expecting more greenhouses to arrive early next week.

COVID19/Shipping Update: 5/25/20

To keep order processing times low. We will be closed for Memorial Day. We will re-open tomorrow.

COVID19/Shipping Update: 5/13/20

Our current processing time is 3-4 business days. Please note that when you receive your shipping confirmation email this only means we printed your order ticket and our shipping department has your order and is preparing it. The delivery date will change and update once it is scanned by FedEx or USPS.

COVID19/Shipping Update: 5/13/20

We hope everyone is hanging in there! We are currently still very busy and most orders are shipping in 3-4 business days. We have heard that most of the good spore vendors are also extremely busy as well and have shipping delays of 7-14 days.

Please note that when you receive your shipping confirmation email this only means we printed your order ticket and our shipping department has your order and is preparing it. The delivery date will change once it is scanned by FedEx or USPS.

Due to delays from the manufacturer, the 24oz Quick Colonizing Jars have been delayed another 7-10 days. We were able to secure 2 pallets from another vendor so we will have them back in stock for a limited time this week.

Spray bottles are back! We are expecting a shipment of them today and will be including them once again in our kits.

Bonsai Flowhood orders from this week will be shipping Thursday/Friday. We have another 20 arriving soon!

Thanks for your support and patience!

COVID19/Shipping Update: 5/2/20

We hope everyone is doing well! The biggest issue we see right now is many of our vendors are slow to ship our supplies and raw materials. Currently the products affected are mainly the Ecosphere systems. There appears to be a shortage of the actual greenhouse tents we use in our kits. Right now we have 300 on order but communication from our vendor has been slow and we hoping to have them by May 7th-10th.

Due to COVID19, spray bottles have been near impossible to keep in stock for our kits. We are currently substituting various kinds as we can find them. If your kit is missing one, please email us and we will mail you one when they come in.

We are excited to finally have Bonsai Flow Hoods back in stock! These do sell out quickly, so we expect the 50 units we just received to go quick. We will have more coming toward the end of the month as well.

Please be patient with our customer support team, we have been overwhelmed with emails and calls these last few days. Please give us a call rather than email if you have more than one growing question or need more detailed help with your grow.

Thanks for everyone's patience and support! We really appreciate it!
Stay safe!

-Team MGK

We're Back! 4/30/20:

We are excited to be back up and running again! All orders will currently be processed and ship within 3-5 days. Please use FedEx Express option if you need your order expedited. Most FedEx Express orders will ship out next day.

Like everyone in our industry, we are experiencing a much higher than expected demand and the cost of many of the supplies have also risen.

Unlike our competitors we have decided to NOT raise prices on any of our products!

In order to better serve everyone we have imposed a daily cap on number of orders we will take to match the maximum production numbers we can process at this time.

If you receive the error code 251 at checkout, this means we have reached our limit for the day and please try again after 12:00AM CST. This is a temporary restriction that we hope to lift in the next few weeks as we are able to increase our daily production with our new equipment investment.

-Team Midwest

Re-opening Wednesday 4/29:

We will be re-opening Wednesday morning for new orders again. Thanks for your patience. Please allow 3-5 Days for orders to ship. If you need something faster please choose one of our FedEx Express Shipping options and your order will ship out the next business day.

-Team Midwest

Temporary Closure 4/26-4/29:

We will be partially closed while we have new machinery installed. Due to COVID19 regulations and for the safety of our employees and the workers installing the equipment, we must close our production area during this time.

We will temporarily stop taking new orders during this time so our shipping staff can continue working on shipping all existing orders. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We will re-open Tuesday at some time and expect to have most of our products back in stock including Bonsai Flow Hoods.

-Team Midwest

Please be Patient.. 4/20/20:

We are all very excited to be up and running in our new space but after opening we have been extremely busy with 2-3 times the normal daily orders. Most orders now are shipping within 3-4 days but some will take a little longer. If you need something fast please choose FedEx Express option at checkout. We are shipping those orders next day. We still have some supply issues on certain items like AGAR and Liquid culture and we are working to get those back in stock ASAP. Thanks for all your support and patience!

-Team Midwest

We are now Open! ! 4/11/20:

It's been a long week of moving but we are now open and ready to fill orders in our brand new production facility and showroom in Woodstock IL. We still are dealing with some supply issues due to COVID19. Anything out of stock should be returning very soon! Thanks for your patience and look forward to serving you better than ever!


-Team Midwest

We will be closed to Move! 4/6/20:

We've outgrown our 2200 sq/ft location in Algonquin and renovations are complete on our new 8,000 sq/ft building in Woodstock, IL. We will be closed this week starting at noon on Monday 4/6 so that all our staff can start moving and get our new location set up. All existing orders will ship in the next day or two. We will open again on Saturday 4/11/20. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. There will be many great things to come! Customer service will remain open this week on a limited staff. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!

-Team Midwest

Coronavirus (COVID19) Update 4/1/20:

We are currently short-staffed in some of our departments right now. We are working around the clock to fill all orders as fast as possible. Currently, orders are taking an extra day or two to ship. You will still receive a shipping confirmation but in most cases the tracking number will show the wrong day until it's picked up by FedEx or UPS. We appreciate your patience and continued support through these extremely tough days. Stay Healthy!

-Team Midwest

Coronavirus (COVID19) Update 3/26/20:

We hope everyone is doing well! The biggest issue we see right now is many of our vendors are slow to ship our supplies and raw materials. Currently the products affected are the 5-Grain 24oz Jars and parts for our Ecosphere Systems. Communication from our vendor has been slow and we hoping to have both back in stock by early next week. Flowhoods should be back in stock next week also. Wash your hands and stay safe!

-The Midwest Team

Coronavirus (COVID19) Update 3/23/20:

Today Illinois announced a new "stay at home" mandate. We will remain open during this time as Midwest Organics, our parent company, is a supplier for multiple commercial mushroom growers in Illinois, Pennsylvania and Canada and plays an important roll in the agriculture food chain.

Unfortunately, we can no longer offer in store pickups starting Monday 3/23/20. All orders need to be shipped, our retail showroom will re-open April 7th. Please be patient through this crisis as we are expecting to be short staffed in the coming weeks.

Currently your order may take an extra day to ship. We will be working around the clock to keep things running smoothly. Wash your hands and stay safe!

-The Midwest Team

Coronavirus (COVID19) Update 3/19/20:

This is a very unusual time for everyone and we want to update you on how this affects us and your orders. Right now it is still business as usual.  You may notice some delays in answering emails or phone calls. Please be patient and try calling us a little later. Some of our customer service people are working from home and also taking care of kids that are out of school. We are doing our best to make sure all emails are replied to as soon as possible.

We are seeing a few delays from our suppliers but nothing major. If an item is out of stock, please check back the next day as we are carefully updating our inventory on a daily basis. We try our best to put an ETA in the description of anything out of stock. We will update this page with more information as it comes available.

Stay safe,

-The Midwest Team


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