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Large Pre-Cut Monotub Liners (3-Pack) Fits Most Totes 50-66 Quart

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    Are you tired of the tedious and time-consuming task of cutting and trimming Monotub liners? Look no further! Our pre-cut and ultra-durable liners provide a hassle-free solution. Simply place the 4mm thick liner in your Monotub, align with corners and sides, and secure with tape. These liners are UV-C sterilized and reusable, saving you time and money. Get your set of three liners today!

    Our Large-sized liners are suitable for most 50Q-66Q tote sizes. Check out our pictures for examples.


    • 3 Large Sized Pre-cut and factory folded Monotub Liners
    • Fits most popular brands of clear storage totes sizes 50-66Q
    • UV-C Sterilized

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    A monotub liner is a plastic bag or liner that is used to line the inside of a monotub, which is a container used for growing mushrooms. The monotub liner helps to protect the substrate from contamination and provides an additional layer of insulation to help maintain consistent temperatures and humidity levels.

    The monotub liner is usually made of a type of plastic that is safe for use with food and is resistant to tearing and puncturing. The liner is placed inside the monotub and the substrate is added on top of it.

    The use of a monotub liner is a popular technique in mushroom cultivation because it helps to create a sterile and controlled environment that is conducive to the growth of mushrooms. It also makes it easier to harvest the mushrooms by allowing them to grow directly on the substrate without attaching to the sides of the container.

    The large size liners fit most brands of totes size 50Q-66Q

    Three (3) Large Pre-Cut Monotub Liners

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    Throw away your scissors!

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    • perfect fit
    • super thick
    Well dont, but you wont need them for this project! Drops right into my 64Q Sterilite tub! Love how you guys sell things I never would have thought existed or I even needed! When you start preparing 12 plus tubs, cutting liners sucks balls! These things are damn thick too! I could probably re-use them but I'll just buy more. Do you offer wholesale discounts? HMU!