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Disposable Sterile Scalpels (Pack of 5)

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  • SUPERIOR STAINLESS-STEEL BLADE: Equipped with tempered Stainless-Steel

    blades with a plastic handle, our #11 disposable scalpel knives allow

    for heavy duty use and a comfy grip for easy control.

  • INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED & STERILE: Our scalpels work amazingly for

    Dermaplaining or small aesthetic procedures such as callus removing,

    dead skin-skin tag removal and scraping, acne removal and more.

  • HIGHLY VERSATILE: You may also use these disposable scalpels for your

    premed student supplies, dissections at school/ university, taxidermy,

    clay modeling or any arts ‘n’ crafts project that requires a sharp #11


  • PROTECTIVE CAP: Our scalpel knives come with protective blade caps so

    you can reuse them again if you wish. A great tool for any project that

    does not require disposing of the scalpel upon completion.

  • PLASTIC HANDLE WITH MEASUREMENT: Our handle is designed to offer a good

    grip and allows for delicate control when required. Plus, on the side

    you will find a handy, 6cm ruler for extra practicality points

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    A necessity when working with AGAR or transferring grain. There is always a chance you didn't properly sterilize your tools. We recommend the use of disposable scalpels for any agar work. Eliminate any environmental issues in your lab work. Use to take core samples for mushroom tissue cloning, transfer mycelium and more!

    These disposable scalpel blades come with a handle. Sterile, high-end disposable scalpels with tempered Stainless-Steel blades. Professional-grade tools for any Myco surgeons!

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    Quality Service!

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    RE: Disposable Sterile Scalpels (Pack of 5)
    I received excellent service on this order. I haven't used the Scalpels yet, but the order was quickly shipped, well packed and great communications. Received as described and I will definitely order from Midwest Growing again... and again. Thank You!



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    Seen these exact ones on the top order online site with a reference to a region in Brazil a couple days after purchasing them off here.. I wasn’t really all that surprised Midwestgrowkits come in for the win again they were almost 5 bucks more expensive through the other guys

    My order

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    Everything was packaged neat and professional. It arrived within 3 days and everything was the way it was supposed to be. Nothing broken or missing!! These guys are the shit and i plan om continuing to bring business their way. I will update soon about the horse poo and spawn bags. Im excited to see the difference the horse poo i ordered makes!! Again thanks and dont stress doing business with midwest, definitely a top notch company!!!!