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Bonsai XL 24" X 18" 99.99% HEPA Horizontal Laminar Flow Hood - Version 2.0

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The new 2.0 Series Bonsai XL 24" x18" Laminar Flow Hood gives you the space you need for big projects and grows! Backed by the experts in the Bio-pharmaceutical industry, the HEPAFLOW-24 is designed from the ground up for the serious mushroom enthusiast to create a 99.99% sterile work space. Our Bonsai XL Flowhood has 200% more working area than our 12"x12". Stop wasting money on spores and never buy another spore syringe again! Whether you are a beginner or advanced grower you can do it all!

Bonsai XL Flow Hood make it possible to:

  • Perform Grain to Grain transfers
  • Work with 2 people
  • Cloning, isolating perfection
  • Make your own spore syringes
  • Work with agar and more!

  • Each Flow hood includes/features:

  • Easy 15 Minute Assembly - Using all machine cut Pre-Finished wood with easy Turn-N-Click fasteners
  • True Horizontal Laminar Air Flow
  • Made with 3/4" Birch Plywood (33% thicker than the competition) 
  • 110V with 10' Power cord and On/Off switch
  • 16"x12" Standard HVAC Pre-Filter with removable housing
  • Custom CNC Front Removable Face Plate
  • Top of the line Private label Blower manufactured for Sub-Zero & Wolf Appliances
  • Replaceable 24"x18" 99.99% HEPA H14 Micron Filter designed to last 3-5 years of normal use
  • Easy Assembly Guide & User's Guide that covers sterile technique, how to make your own spore syringes, work with agar, transfer grain and more!
  • Half the price of other vendors PLUS Free Shipping!
  • 1 Year full parts and labor warranty
  • Natural Clear Coat Finish
  • Overall dimensions are 25.5" Wide x 16.75" Deep x 33" high, weighing in at 67 pounds assembled


    Introducing the new Bonsai XL 24" x 18" Laminar Flow Hood from our 2.0 Series, the ultimate solution for serious mushroom enthusiasts and large-scale projects. This top-of-the-line flow hood is expertly crafted to provide a 99.99% sterile workspace, essential for successful growth and cultivation. The Bonsai XL is backed by the expertise of leaders in the bio-pharmaceutical industry, ensuring reliability and efficiency. With its substantial size, it's perfectly suited for handling big tasks with ease. Additionally, it features a robust design made from 3/4" Birch Plywood, which is 33% thicker than other models on the market, offering exceptional durability.

    This flow hood is not only high-performing but also user-friendly. It comes with a straightforward 15-minute assembly process, thanks to pre-finished, machine-cut wood in natural clear coat and convenient Turn-N-Click fasteners. The unit boasts true horizontal laminar air flow for optimal performance, and includes a standard 16"x12" HVAC pre-filter with a removable housing, a custom CNC front removable faceplate, and a high-grade 24"x18" HEPA H14 Micron Filter designed to last 3-5 years under normal use. The flow hood operates on 110V and includes a 10' power cord with an on/off switch. For added convenience, each purchase includes an Easy Assembly Guide and a comprehensive User's Guide, covering everything from sterile technique to DIY spore syringes and grain transfer. Best of all, this premium product is offered at half the price of competing vendors, with free shipping and a full 1-year parts and labor warranty.

    Whether you are a beginner or advanced grower you can now:

  • Make your own spore syringes
  • Easily work with Agar plates to inoculate any substrate
  • Inoculate Jars, bags etc contaminate free
  • Transfer colonized mycelium from one bag or Jar to another!
  • Learn Cloning, isolating, and more!
  • How does a flowhood work with mushroom growing?

    This model is a horizontal flowhood which creates a low velocity air flow that blows toward you. This air is super filtered and is 99.99% sterile. It can be used in any environment for many different things. The sterile moving air allows you to work in the space and open up substrate jars, bags, transfers, make spore syringes, work with agar plates and much more. If you ever experienced mold from inoculations, this will eliminate that.

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    *Flowhoods are not eligible for any coupon codes or discounts at this time.

    Build Specifications and Features

    Motor and Electrical Connections:

    Blower Fan: Dayton

    Voltage: 120v to ground

    Connection: 14/2 wire shielded in metal clad conduit (mc).

    Switch: Single pole single throw 120v with ground.

    Power cord: 16 gauge with ground.


    Minpleat HEPA

    Rating: 99.997 @ 0.3 micron

    Pressure drop: 0.59 @ 100 cm


    Material: 3/4" birch or Maple plywood top cabinet grade.

    1 Piece CNC machined removable front trim cover

    All wood screws are #8 2" and are installed with a countersink to prevent splitting.

    1/4 20 machine screws with washer and nut secure the motor to the fan box - this reduces vibration.

    Threaded metal inserts prevent stripping the plywood frame when changing the filter.

    100% silicone caulking used on interior joints to prevent air leakage.

    Returns/Exchange Policy on Bonsai Flowhoods

    We are happy to accept returns on any un-opened flowhoods. Once the box is open flowhoods are exchange only. We are happy to help in replacing any shipping damage.

    Overall Customer Rating of 22 Reviews:
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    Top Quality Product

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    • Quality
    • Quiet
    • Looks
    • Instructions
    The quality is top notch, both the wood cuttings and the electrical.
    Reading the directions was a bit overwhelming for me, but the YouTube video turned the set-up into a breeze.
    Machine runs quietly and looks good.
    Very happy.

    Great Product

    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    Great product, very fast shipping only took a couple days. Easy to assemble and high quality, worth the extra to have one professionally put together

    Great purchase

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    • Quick shipping and easy to setup
    • Pricy but well worth the convenience
    I've been using this hood for awhile every one of my projects have been coming out clean.


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    • Sturdy packaging
    • Fast shipping
    • Easy set up
    • Price
    • None
    Amazing product. Just get it if you having second thoughts.

    Very Good

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    Quick shipping.
    Easy to deal with