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Bonsai 3 x 2 ft 99.99% HEPA Flowhood Fan Filter Unit (FFU) 120V

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    Introducing the Bonsai 3x2ft 99.99% HEPA FFU Flow Hood- the key to heightened efficiency and a pristine, contamination-free workroom! This economically priced, commercial lab-grade mushroom cultivation tool is perfect for either home or commercial setups. Bonsai allows you to concentrate on your research, eliminating the worry of contamination. One of the main advantages of the Bonsai 3'x2' FFU; being only 14" deep it allowing for plenty of room on a standard size work table. 

    Key Features:

    • High-Power Motor: The hood is equipped with a 110V single-phase AC motor with three-position speed control for optimal performance.
    • Washable Pre-filter: No need to spend money on replacing filters. Includes a washable magnetic pre-filter for easy cleaning!
    • Quiet Operation: Despite its high power, the device operates quietly, maintaining a noise level between 50-60 dBA.
    • Low Power Consumption: The unit is energy efficient, consuming only 250 watts at 100 feet per minute.
    • Centrifugal Fan: It features an aluminum backward-curved centrifugal fan for effective and consistent air filtration.
    • HEPA Filter & Pre-Filter: The unit comes with a replaceable clean room-grade H14 99.99% HEPA filter and magnetic pre-filter, ensuring optimal filtration and longevity.
    • Durable Housing: The housing is constructed of 20-gauge steel sheet metal with a glossy white epoxy powder coat finish for long-lasting durability and aesthetics.
    • 3 Speed Air Velocity: Select from 3 different speeds to suit your clean room needs. Low - 100 FPM  Medium- 110 FPM High: 120 FPM
    • Pull Handles: Easy to move for excellent portability.
    • 110/120V Standard Plug: Works in any house or lab



    FFU Flow Hoods or (Fan, filter Units) are specially designed laboratory air filters for sterile work applications. FFU's were originally designed to create clean rooms and installed in the wall or ceilings of commercial labs. Today, these all-in-one units are gaining popularity in the mycology community as a lower cost option for a traditional laminar flowhood. The 3x2ft model offers a generous workspace and strikes an excellent balance in terms of size and cost at maintaining a sterile work environment for performing inoculations, grain to grain transfers and more!

    The FFU Flow Hoods, an integral part of the Bonsai offerings, are advanced laboratory air filters, crafted with precision and designed to maintain sterility for all sorts of delicate and precise work. The technology employed in these devices guarantees an ultra-clean work environment, effectively warding off any contaminants that could compromise your work's integrity. It ensures an adjustable constant flow of filtered air, thereby creating a workspace where particles and microorganisms are significantly less likely to settle.

    The 3x2ft unit doesn't just offer you more room, it also provides flexibility. It's the perfect choice if you are looking for a device that's not too large to be cumbersome, yet big enough to accommodate your needs comfortably. It will fit on any table with only a depth of 14". The convenience it provides makes it a popular choice among both hobbyists and commercial operators, catering to their respective requirements effectively.

    Three-speed Air Velocity

    Hi – 120 FPM

    Medium – 110 FPM

    Low – 100 FPM

    Dimensions:  38" Wide X 26" Tall X 14" Deep & weighing in at 67 lbs


    HEPA Filter: Aluminum Alloy Frame with Micro Fiberglass Paper Media

    HEPA Filter Efficiency: H14 99.99% @ 0.3 microns

    Resistance: 0.327 inches W.G. @ 525 CFM

    Pre-Filter: Synthetic Fiber

    Pre-filter Efficiency: MERV 5

    Average Air Flow: 500 CFM

    Average Air Velocity: 110 FPM

    HEPA Filter Efficiency: H14 99.99% @ 0.3um

    Resistance: 0.682 IWG

    Pre-filter Efficiency: G4 95% @ 5um

    Average Air Flow: 530 CFM

    Average Air Velocity: 110 FPM

    Three-speed Air Velocity

    Hi – 120 FPM

    Medium – 110 FPM

    Low – 100 FPM

    Returns/Exchange Policy on Bonsai Flowhoods

    We are happy to accept returns on any un-opened flowhoods. Once the box is open flowhoods are exchange only. We are happy to help in replacing any shipping damage.

    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:
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    Works great!

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    Love this thing! So glad I bought it!

    FFU's What to know..

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    This is my 2nd FFU. The first one I bought from a different vendor for about $300 more. So this is definitely a good place to purchase one! I ordered Tuesday and received mine Friday! Well packed and protected!

    In case you are confused about the difference between an FFU and a Laminar Flow hood, let me fill you in. They are very similar, but there are a few key differences and theories on how these work in our field of Mycology.

    1. No laminar flow. FFU's were originally designed to make a clean room. You would install them in a wall or ceiling and this would constantly push clean air into your room. There is no box for air to build up before it is pushed through the filter, so you get air movement in all directions. Is this bad? Theory 1: NO, Theory 2: Yes. I will explain later.

    2. FFU's have Adjustable speed fans: Since these are meant to clean rooms originally, they have 3 speed settings and allow you to adjust the speed of the air. Most flowhoods should be around 110-175 FPM air flow. So these can be adjusted to match the traditional air speed of the normal laminar flow hoods

    3. Take up less room: Since there is no box, these have a shallow depth allowing you to place one on a standard table and still have room to work. They are Portable and easy to store when not in use.

    I want to explain the one disadvantage of an FFU over a traditional Laminar Flowhood. Laminar flow is air movement in a consistent steady stream. When people design flowhoods, there are calculations on how big the box is and how powerful of a blower fan motor to use. When you match the correct two items you get perfect laminar air flow. This is great for doing microbiology work, extensive agar work and delicate tasks that require precision. For most of us we really don't need that level of clean air. FFU's send clean air in multiple directions and for basic work like grain to grain transfers, fast agar transfers, inoculations and other mycologic work the air will be clean and you should not have any issues. These units work best in smaller rooms and always make sure you run it for 30 minutes prior to using.
    In my experience, large flow hoods are obviously the best tool for the job but some of us can't afford them! I have had no issues using FFu's the same way I would a flowhood for half the price.

    Now, I just received this Bonsai Model which appears to be a customized version of all the other ones being sold online. It has the same specs and I really like the washable pre-filter. When I received my first FFU, the pre-filter that came with it seemed to restrict the air flow too much and I had to buy a thinner filter. This one is exactly what this units needs. Props to Bonsai for including that.

    Overall, I think this unit looks and performs just like it should. I have not used it yet but I have it next to my older unit and it sounds and blows like it should! Good luck everyone and enjoy the hobby!