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Bonsai 25Q Fully Automatic Electric Pressure Sterilizer Autoclave 110V

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Item #: B24Q
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Introducing the Bonsai 25Q Automatic Electric Pressure Cooker - an innovative electric pressure cooker that's won us over from the get-go. A table top dynamo, this cooker is loaded with noteworthy features that are truly exceptional for its price range. The Bonsai 25Q also serves as a sterilizer, heating up and building pressure within just 25 minutes. Its user-friendly control panel lets you set your desired temperature and sterilization duration, leaving the rest to the device! Plus, its tall and slim design allows it to accommodate 17 Wide Mouth Jars! A true set it and forget it pressure cooker! 


  • 25Q Capacity
  • 100%  Stainless Steel 
  • LED Control Panel 
  • 2KW Heating Element
  • 110V Plug
  • Working Pressure 15-20 PSI
  • Working Temperature 105-126 Celsius
  • Double Safety Valve System with Automatic Shutoff and cycle finish alarm
  • Easy Water Drain
  • Hand Wheel Quick open/close of the lid


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The Bonsai 25Q Fully Automatic Electric Pressure cooker has impressed us right from the start. This table top workhorse has some impressive features not found at this price point! The Bonsai 25Q Sterilizer heats up and builds pressure in 25 mins and with the easy to use control panel you simply set the desired temperature and the sterilization time and the sterilizer does the rest! With a tall slender profile it can fit 17 Wide Mouth Ball Quart Jars!

Overview of How to use:

Add purified water to the bottom to cover the heating element, but not higher than the stainless steel tray. Add your Jars, spawn bags or whatever you are sterilizing. Close the lid by turning the knob until tight. Set the temperature to 121 C or 250 F and next the sterilization time, usually 90 minutes. The timer will not turn on until the unit reaches the desired temperature which is same as 15 PSI. When the cycle is done the unit will beep letting you know its ready!
Compared to the All-American 75X Electric tabletop Sterilizers this unit out-performs it in every way.

1- Year Full Warranty


Overall Customer Rating of 5 Reviews:
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SouthEastern Virginia

Quality has Exceeded my Expectations coupled with the nicest staff!

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  • Heavy Duty
  • Easy to Use
  • Quick Shipping
  • Instructions Hard to Underst
  • 99 min max
This was my first Autoclave purchase & it did NOT disappoint! ??
The size is Perfect for a Small Farm grower.
Very well made! I had to call customer service because the directions were a little unclear especially for a first time Autoclave user.
Unexpectedly when I called the representative talked me through Step by Step and stayed on the phone through my entire first use!
Very Few companies even do that anymore! The representative was Amazing, Patient and so kind!
I was so impressed I HAD to share my purchase with my online Mushroom group!
I would buy anything from this company!! Excellent is how I rate my purchase!
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Banzai automated sterilizer

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This thing is amazing! No issues so far. It is built out of heavy-grade stainless steel...the only thing I would worry about is the silicone gasket. You may want to find out where to buy replacements when you purchase. There have been no issues with it just know that they do wear out. Seems to be really good quality....the timer does only go to 99 minutes so if you are doing bags you will have to start it over after the time is up. It's probably a good thing...will keep you from leaving it unattended for 3 hours since it is not recommended to leave your home while it is running. It is very quiet, also nice to be able to leave water in it so it is ready to go next time. You do need to change the water periodically! Let it cool completely and wrap an alcohol soaked paper towel around the holes in the release valve...or open in front of a flow hood.
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Great So Far

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I have been using this autoclave for a few weeks now and I’m pleased with how it’s working. A single run can comfortably handle 14 quart jars or 6 five pound bags (Unicorn A14 size). Overall this is a better capacity than what I could manage in my All American 50x electric benchtop unit.

It does create a strong vacuum after cooling down, so opening the valve does need to be done in front of a flow hood so contaminants aren’t drawn into the vessel. Alternatively, you can soak a paper towel in rubbing alcohol and wrap it around the valve before you open it so that any air drawn in by the vacuum is “cleaned” by passing through the paper towel.

The digital thermostat is a great feature. I like not having to babysit the unit as much as the All American. Once it has completed its timed cycle it turns off the heating element automatically, so you don’t have to do it manually. The construction of the vessel is much thinner and feels less sturdy than the All American. This autoclave is clearly being manufactured in Asia, so if it ever needs to be serviced/repaired I can only hope it is as simple to do it through Midwest as it is to get an All American serviced through the manufacturer.

For the price point and capacity I am happy so far. I hope the unit has a long life.

Great little Pressure Cooker!

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Super easy to use, plug in, add water, set the temp to 121C and minutes to sterilize and off it goes! The lid is super easy to get on and off. It is very powerful, gets up to temp in 30 mins and is whisper quiet! There are many options and accessories that I dont use when sterilizing my grain but nice to know I can use this for many things!

Holds 24 Wide mouth Ball pint Jars and 14 Wide Mouth Quart Jars!


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Set up is fast and this baby has some power! My first trial was some grain jars and 20 minutes later I saw the steam shooting out the top vent, which then you can flip it to start building pressure (after venting the hot air like a normal pressure cooker) and it was at 15 PSI within 10 mins after that. It holds the pressure at which ever temp you set, for me I chose 120 degrees Celsius, which is 248 F, but it looks like you can go way higher too then any Presto or All American pressure cooker! The timer started when it hit the temp that I set and I ran that for 60 mins and when it was done it had a beep beep noise which I just turned it off, I always let my jars or bags naturally cool in the cooker. Overall really a great unit for the price! Can't touch that price compared to anything esle Electric! Fits perfect on my bathroom floor and now my roommate does not get pissy when I use the stove at night!