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Mega Mushroom Growing & Incubator Kit

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    The Mega Mushroom Growing and Incubator Kit includes the following:

    • 18 Ultimate ½ pint substrate Jars- Pressure sterilized and ready to grow!
    • Mega Growing, Incubating Chamber System- with air exchange holes - 56 Quart size!
    • Grow up to 30 jars at once!
    • New Digital Thermometer with Hygrometer/humidity gauge
    • Liquid Graphite adjustable under-tank heating mat with adjustable thermostat
    • Custom Hydroponic Humidifier with Hydroton
    • Electric Air Pump, ultra quiet
    • 2 Silicone Air filtration hoses with HEPA filter built in
    • Heavy duty electric timer with 48 on/off settings per day
    • 900 Lumen 110V 36-Diode HP LED Plug-in Grow Light with dual spectrum technology (NEW!)
    • 4 LED Diode Blue Spectrum Battery Operated Grow Light (For off grid use)
    • 2 Gallons of Perlite- Fine, imported, specially formulated horticulture grade
    • Hospital grade Latex Gloves
    • Alcohol swabs
    • Glossy, full color, easy to follow growing guide with step by step photo instructions. Includes our secret tips, tricks and hints that other grow guides leave out. Includes how to incubate, how to fruit, casing methods, and access to our online library of other guides for you to learn even more about how to grow mushrooms! Online and print version included.

    Start Learning Now! Instant access to our step by step video grow guide is now automatically available to you right after checkout!

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    (HOLIDAY SALE!) Midwest Grow Kit's Mega Mushroom grow kit is the biggest shippable mushroom kit on the market today! Look around! If quantity is what you desire look no further! This mushroom kit comes with 18 jars but can hold up to 30 at once! With 3 cubic feet of room the Mega Mushroom kit comes with a hydroponic humidifier to ensure perfect humidity levels and air exchange without over-saturating.

    This kit is completely automated! Perfect temperature and humidity are easily achieved for each stage of the process! Set it up in minutes! We make growing mushrooms easy! All of our kits are extremely easy to use and require only 1 step to start your mushroom adventure! Grow your exotics or edibles in Mega quantities!

    The Mega Mushroom Kit features an innovative positive pressure air exchange system allowing you to grow in even the dirtiest spaces. No need to drill hundreds of holes in your container.

    The under-tank style heating mat uses liquid graphite to evenly heat the container with no hot spots! Traditional heating pads use wires, which can lead to uneven heating and hot spots which can dry out your substrate. With infrared heating, it transfers heat through the solid objects and will not heat the air like traditional heat mats. This powerful heater only uses 28 watts of electricity but is equivalent to 200 Watts of heat. The adjustable dial allows for precise temperature control.

    This mushroom growing kit will be used as an incubator during the first few weeks. This allows for faster colonizing times! This kit will obtain perfect temperature and humidity levels without you ever being around! Almost everything included with this kit can be re-used to set you up for many future grow projects including bulk mono-tub grows, spawn bags and more!

    Start Learning Now! Instant access to our step by step video grow guide is now automatically available to you right after checkout!


    Overall Customer Rating of 407 Reviews:
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    Great buy made my first time super easy

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    • Easy first time instructions success
    So I am successfully past my first flush with 18 jars using the mega growing kit. I had 100% colonization of my jars following the oven method with a handheld UV-C light to help out. Many years ago I tried to grow a batch from a syringe but I failed in my due diligence and had no success. Even if you have never looked up growing mushrooms before this is the only kit you need. Instruction are provided in a well printed and detailed instruction book. My mushrooms are delicious and they have a great long lasting flavor. I cannot give this kit enough credit.

    Great kit!

    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    New to growing, I was originally going to piece together all of the materials I thought I needed until I found this Kit. Not only did this kit make it easy to get started growing, but I think it was even a bit cheaper than me try to piece all the materials together myself. So far I am happy with the purchase and the instructions that came with it were easy to follow.

    **Also, when I first received the kit it had taken a bit of a beating from shipping damage. I contacted midwest grow kits and they were quick to send me a new tub (the first one had a small crack) and made sure that I was happy with everything else. So I’d give high marks to the customer service here as well.


    High quality and clear instructions

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    • easy
    • Quality
    • Clear
    This is the second kit i have bought. The quality of the materials is first rate and they send you everything you need to get going. Their instructions are very straightforward and easy to follow. Overall an excellent company. Check Etsy for Golden Teacher spores.


    Words about the company

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    • Simple
    • User friendly
    • Saves time set it forget it
    • No cons
    In america we live busy lives and technology can definitely help us save time so when I look at this product for beginners and even advanced people I see saving time due to the simplified way that the companie presents these amazing products to you because it's easy to set up instructions are simple customer service is amazing and are right there for you to put a smile on your face so when a company
    makes your life much easier and simpler due to there go above and beyond attitude that in turn saves you time then your the winner

    Mega Mushroom Grow and Incubator Kit

    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    • price
    • quality
    • fast shipping
    • service
    Fantastic product! This is the second time I have bought a full kit from Midwest Grow Kits, and I would do it again!
    This kit comes with everything you need to get your grow rolling, just add spores and read the instructions!