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This kit includes:

  • Clear 6.5 Quart Container
  • Mesh 0.5 mm separation screen
  • 4 oz of Activated Alumina desiccant
  • 4 oz of Sicilia Gel Desiccant with color changing crystals
  • Easy to follow instructions

To re-use the kit simply bake the desiccant at 250 degrees for 60 minutes in the oven and let cool briefly and they will be ready for use again!

Price: $12.00


    This kit includes everything you need to dry your mushrooms perfectly! There is no better way to prepare them for storage than to dry and preserve them the right way. Our Easy Drying kit combines two of the best desiccants we have tested for drying mushrooms. Guaranteed perfect results every time even in the most humid climates! This drying kit can be used over and over! Dry pounds!

    Overall Customer Rating of 77 Reviews:

    Great drying kit

    • Gets super dry
    • Very fast
    • 2 small holes repaired
    The drying kit worked way better than I thought it would. I was thinking about getting a dehydrator, but I’m glad I didn’t. I just fan dried shrooms for 24 hours, then put in kit , and they were brittle the next day. This worked great for my fruiting harvest that I did everyday in peak fruiting conditions. My plastic container bottom did have a couple small holes in it , but I just patched them with packing tape. I would highly recommend, thanks Midwest!


    Drying kit

    Amazing results everything came with simple instructions easy to follow for beginners.


    Simple and effective

    This drying kit is simple in design and will work efficiently. My container arrived broken. I called customer service and they shipped another container immediately and it arrived without issue. I’m pleased with the purchase.


    Super simple and easy!

    This is an easy little kit, very effective and can be used over and over again. I've already used it for my first batch of mushrooms, and they were perfectly dry after 24 hours.


    Easy Mushroom Drying Kit

    I received on time with my other items. Packaged safe and secure. I will say more after I use it for the first time.

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