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120L Commercial Pressure Sterilizer - Digital Electric Mushroom Autoclave

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Item #: AC120
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More arriving early April

Our Professional 120L (127 Quart) Mushroom Autoclave is a true industrial grade unit while taking up the space of a small bar refrigerator. This is the type of sterilization the top labs and commercial mushroom farms use. It has been an industry workhorse for 15 years and the standard for value, safety, and quality. With digital controls of cook cycle, temperature, pressure and more, its a true "set it and forget it" machine.  Extremely easy to set up and operate. Simply set your sterilizing parameters, PSI, Temperature and Time and hit start! 


  • 120L or 127 Quart size (Equivalent to running almost 5 All American 30 Quart Stove-top pressure cookers)
  • High Quality SUS 304 Stainless Steel internal construction 
  • 4KW Electric heater (220V, 50/60Hz 27A)
  • Get to pressure in 25 mins! Quick heating means faster turnaround times
  • Sterilize grain spawn perfectly
  • Temperature is adjustable and can be used to pasteurize. 
  • Two stack-able internal baskets make loading and unloading a breeze!
  • Multiple safety features, including a safety door opening mechanism, the door remains locked as long as the chamber is under-pressure. Water level sensor with automatic shutoff & over-pressure bleed off valve.
  • Unit measures 24"x26"x46" 275 lbs


These units are in stock in our IL warehouse. As each unit is individually crated, we arrange freight delivery with a lift-gate truck. Please let us know if this is shipping to a residence or a business. We normally use FedEx, Estes or UPS Freight. Transit times vary by destination, usually 3-6 business days. Freight company will call ahead to schedule a delivery day and time window. 

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Our 120L Digital Autoclave is for the serious Mushroom Grower. When you already have the All American Sterilizer and want to step up, a true Mushroom Autoclave is the best step to take. With digital controls of cook cycle, temperature, pressure and more, its a true "set it and forget it" workhorse. Simply set your desired temperature, sterilization time and the digital computer controlled PID display will auto bleed air and build pressure to desired PSI, once reached, timer will start. When timer is done machine can be set to slowly exhaust pressure or hold and naturally cool.

Great for all types of substrate and grain sterilizing! The most costly element in your mushroom production process is contamination. If you can establish the best practices, using superior tools you can increase your growth, yields, and profitability.

Volume... 120L - 2 Stack-able Stainless Steel Baskets
Max Operating Temp       
... 273 F
Max Operating Pressure
... 31.9 PSI
Time Range
... 0-999 Minutes
Temperature Range
... 212F - 273F
Unit Size/Weight
...  24"x26"x46" 275 lbs   
Power... AC220V 50/60hz 4.0KW Heater 27AMP

Warranty: 6 Months - All units are tested before crating. These autoclaves are very durable and require very little maintenance or replacement parts over the life span when properly cared for. The heating element life is 3,000 cook cycles. 

Requires 220/240V connection. Connecting this autoclave at home is similar to hooking up an electric clothes dryer or vehicle charger. Color coded wires must be connected to a 30 AMP plug and outlet of your choice. We recommend NEMA 5-30 or L630P outlet and plug.

Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:
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Really nice unit!

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  • reliable cycle times
  • energy efficient
My wife and I started a small part time mushroom farm in our garage/workshop last year. We mainly sell at our local farmer's market here in central Texas. We currently use the Bubba Barrel for our sawdust bags but needed something bigger than the All-Americans for sterilizing grain spawn. We run through a ton of propane and during the winter and wanted something more automated for cooking overnight. This fit the bill. The size is perfect and fits in the corner of my garage. My electrical savvy buddy helped me hook it up. Was really straightforward. This sterilizer is really smart, it vents out all the air and constantly makes minor adjustments, venting steam to keep the pressure and temperature on par. Super reliable machanine. I can load this before I go to bed and set the timer and it will run the cycle and be ready to unload in the morning. You can actually go up to 30 PSI if you wanted to! haha Great investment overall!

Great Autoclave & Build quality

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Very fast shipping to Colorado! There are not many options on Autoclaves. You either have the All-American 75X 40Q electric units for $1200 or the Blue Myco Autoclaves that start at $13,999. This unit fills that void and is actually very easy to operate and hook up.

I placed my order and received freight tracking within 48 hours. 4 days later it was in my garage.

My electric panel is located in my garage so hooking this up was very easy for me. I would recommend calling an electrician if you dont know how to install breakers. I used a 30AMP 220v breaker and hard wired it. The instructions are actually very easy to follow and there are only 3 settings to play with. Plenty of safety features built in. The control panel uses Celsius, like any lab tool. I set my temp to 121 degrees C, which is perfect for sterilizing grain and will hit 15.8 PSI. When full it will take about 90 minutes to heat up and I ran the cycle for 2.5 hours to be sure I fully sterilize my Rye. Bags came out looking great! You can really pack a ton inside this thing considering how little space it takes up! You really can't beat the price for this here in the USA, I pulled the panels off to inspect, the build quality looks impressive. From what I have read, these sterilizers are workhorses and been around for years, I shouldnt have any problems. Will update review if I I run into any issues. PEace