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Whether it’s jars, spawn bags or bulk casing trays this is the turn-key solution to growing in mass quantities. By utilizing vertical space, the Mushroom Ecosphere has over 17 cubic feet of interior space while only taking up a small amount of floor space. The Ecosphere gives you 4 customizable tiers of growing room allowing for multiple growing projects all in one all-inclusive setup!

  • The Mushroom Ecosphere Includes:
    • Massive 17.7 Cubic Feet of interior growing space. 31” X 22” X 63” (L X W X H)
    • Clear polyethylene shell with easy zip and roll up access
    • 4 shelves- Easy to setup steel alloy tubular frame. Assembles in minutes. No tools required!
    • Custom Built Convection Climate Control System
    • 250W light-free Infrared heating technology with built in fan and simple thermostat controls.
    • Custom high output humidifier with built in Eco-Fogger system
    • Electric air pump, ultra quiet
    • 24 Hour programmable Timer for Humidifier System
    • 24 Hour programmable Timer for Lighting System (Bonus Item- Not pictured)
    • HTC-1 Digital thermometer with hygrometer/humidity gauge
    • Silicone air hose set
    • Drip tarp
    • Lava Rocks (1-Quart)
    • 36 Diode HP LED grow light
    • 1100 Lumen 110V LED Dual Spectrum spot grow lamp
    • Detailed setup instructions with step by step photos
    • Instant Access to our library of growing guides for Jars/Spawn
    • Bags/Bulk Growing & much more!

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    Midwest Grow Kits is proud to release the Mushroom Ecosphere. Like us, many people enjoy growing many different mediums at the same time. Whether it’s jars, spawn bags or bulk casing trays this is the turn-key solution to growing in mass quantities. By utilizing vertical space, the Mushroom Ecosphere has over 17 cubic feet of interior space while only taking up a small amount of floor space. The Ecosphere gives you 4 customizable tiers of growing room allowing for multiple growing projects all in one all-inclusive setup!

    Growing mushrooms requires specific climate conditions. To achieve the highest level of success you must have the ability to regulate the growing temperature and humidity levels. The traditional methods of heating and humidifying simply do not work with a kit of this size and type of material. Our research and development team spent over 9 months building and testing countless prototypes. The final production climate control system is a custom built unit that uses convection and infrared heat technologies to evenly heat and humidify the entire area while eliminating hotspots and temperature and humidity variations.

    The Ecosphere is completely self-automated and extremely easy to use! Simply place the climate control system on the bottom rack and plug it in, adjust the dial to reach your desired temperature! Each heating system is built and tested by a licensed electrician. The Ecosphere also includes a separate fogger system with air pump that pipes in fresh humidified air for fruiting your mushrooms. The humidifier can be set on a timer to maintain perfect humidity levels around the clock!

    Maximum recommended substrate capacity or a combination.

    Jars only Spawn Bags Casing Trays
    8 Cases 20 Bags 5 Trays
    (96 Jars) (10 orders) (5- Select Casing Mix)

    Overall Customer Rating of 46 Reviews:

    Great System and Staff!

    I love it! I set this up in a small closet and the measurements from the description were right on! Fits like a glove! Everything works amazing and set up takes about 30-40 mins. I have my spawn bags incubating at 76 degrees and seeing really healthy growth. It came with two really nice and bright grow lights that mount outside the clear tent, they dont tell you which light to use when, I emailed customer support and Christine quickly replied and instead of bugging them with my emails I called the 800# and spoke with a very knowledgeable guy explained how the bigger light is used during pinning and other is used for general lighting. I wish you sold extra aluminum trays, I want to add two more. They seem like a special size for this system. Overall very happy with my purchase. Lots for the money!!


    I've used Midwest 3 years ago, bought 5grain bags and casing mix and everything worked great from those. I want to start up again but this time I want to go big. I decided to pull the trigger on this tent system, I am sure glad I did! Comes with sooo much for the money, I couldnt even come close if I even added all this stuff up for the money spent. Everything arrived packaged in one heavy box, very well packaged. Tent was a breeze to set up. I also set up the fogger system to test it out and it seems to work great. Nice design! This setup is going into my basement and its chilly down there, 58-60 degrees! It took about 3-4 hours to get up to 78 degrees, then I dialed it back to about 50% power and it maintained that temp with ease. I like the clever use of the 5th tier, that will be nice to use that space for more trays. I really wanted to post this review of the whole system after setup. I am about to inoculate my spawn bags tonight and begin the process. Overall If all this works out, I did the math, I have 6 trays to fruit, and I should be able to grow about 36 dried ounces at once! Last time I got about 5-6 dry oz from my bulk kit grow and this is 6 times bigger! Boom

    Rhode Island

    Pretty nice setup

    • Easy setup
    • Good quality
    • Well packaged
    • Good assortment of equipment
    • Price is good
    • Great customer service
    • Some instructions are confusing
    I recieved my ecosphere in a wonderfully packaged and oh so expensive american nesting boxes. The exquisite beautifully designed box labels that scream quality were marvelously placed with the finest touch. Once the boxes were unnested the ecosphere went together oh so easy. My only critique is that I ran out of zip ties for the shelving. The shelving wanted to curl up but a bunch of zip ties is a cheap thing you can get locally. I will sugguest getting an ink bird temprature and humidity controller. The timers are nice and will work great once i get a second cord for the other provided light and a dehumidifier to keep the temprature and humidity fairly constant. Aside from this its a great setup that fit right next to my i can enjoy my egyptian cotton subway linens while watching the new england patriots and enjoy my wagyu meatball sub from subway. (I apologize I havent had my coffee yet.)

    most effective setup

    • easy
    • effective
    • bulk
    • large
    I've used multiple setups from mgk, they all work, but this is the most effective. great layout, easiest self contained setup to achieve and maintain desired environment for most robust results.


    Complete indoor growing solution

    • Function
    • Easy to set up
    Every detail has been thought out to the fullest in this kit. The setup (detailed instructions included, as well as phone support available) will allow you to create a perfect environment for any kind of mushroom you wish to grow. I put it through a few tests to see how long it would take the environmental controls to change the 'weather' inside the greenhouse. With proper ventilation, the greenhouse can go from 50% humidity to 99% in under an hour, and back again even faster. The temperature is fully customizable as well, and stays even throughout the space thanks to the lava rock distribution method. A great setup, with everything you need. The cost seems high at first, but considering the thought and effort put into this setup, and the fact that you need literally NOTHING else besides mushrooms and medium to grow them... this is a fantastic starter kit.

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