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The Original Rye Spawn Bags Rye spawn bags, bulk grow, casing, homestead, grow bags, mushroom grow bags
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Midwest Grow Kit's Organic Rye berry spawn bags are a great add-on to any of our kits, simply inject 3-5 cc's of your favorite grain or dung loving spores into the self-healing injector port and incubate right next to your jars!If you want to grow mass quantities, our amazing Rye spawn bags are an easy solution! Our 3 pound classic spawn bags are some of the biggest you can find! Each bag contains 3 pounds of nutrient-enhanced organic rye berries and a mixture of distilled and mineral water...

5grain Spawn Bags
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Over 6 years ago we introduced the new organic 5-Grain Spawn Bags. Our team spent over 14 months testing different recipes and combinations of mushroom loving grains and our proud to bring you what has been called the “best spawn bags available” today. We are constantly growing and testing these bags and making sure what you buy today is the best they have ever been. The feedback we have received has been just been phenomenal! These spawn bags are one of a kind and not available anywhere else....

Deluxe Spawn Bag Growing and Incubator Kit
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Midwest Grow Kit's Deluxe Spawn Bag Growing and Incubator kit includes everything you need to start your spawn bag growing experience! Our Deluxe Spawn Bag kit gives you the option to grow and fruit them just like the jars! You can also break them up after they are fully colonized and mix with a casing medium like Coco Coir and convert the kit to a bulk growing system.The combination of our specially formulated 5-Grain Spawn bags, self-healing injector port and our easy to follow growing...