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This unique portable and durable alcohol lamp comes equipped with 2 ounces of clean burning denatured Alcohol and 2 premium metal reinforced wicks.


  • Premium Iodized Aluminum Lamp
  • Rubber gasket prevents leakage
  • Vent hole for proper air/gas exchange
  • 2 oz (60ml) of premium denatured alcohol
  • 6-7 hours of burn time
  • 2 premium cotton/wire mesh wicks
  • Instruction guide

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    Flame sterilizing your spore syringe needle is a requirement when injecting spores into your substrate jars and spawn bags. Regular lighters contain butane which can leave black soot and cause the substrate to cling to the needle while inoculating. While regular lighters are suitable for a few jars or spawn bags, alcohol lamps with denatured alcohol burn hot and are the ideal choice for inoculating more than a few jars or spawn bags.

    Overall Customer Rating of 11 Reviews:

    Very Cool!

    • simple
    • foolproof
    • convenient
    • low maintenance
    This is a really slick little burner! It is ideal for its intended purpose and ingeniously simple. It is no more complicated to use than a candle and, of course, burns clean.


    Great lamp makes it easy to heat sterilize.

    Great lamp makes it easy to heat sterilize. Easy convent and reusable. Great price and fast shipping. Quality materials.


    Love my lamp

    Easy to use and got here within 3 days. Always a great company Midwest is.

    Da Yoopers

    The Flame

    • compact with a tight seal
    • none :-)
    This little alcohol lamp is perfect for the job, no fumbling with a lighter or blackening your needle with a candle, this is a small but solid brass unit and holds more than enough alcohol to complete any job without a foul. I am happy with this product.

    Friendship WI 53934

    Does It's Job Great!

    • Effective
    • Affordable
    I bought this item as a precautionary measure. In reality you probably do not need this. But why take the chance when it's only a couple dollars for the item. The item is a nice little steel container and works perfectly for what it was made to do.

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