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Growing mushrooms is both a challenging and rewarding experience. Additionally, a harvest can last you for weeks. You might wonder what you should do with your used mushroom grow kits when you’re finished. Do you throw it away, or are there ways to reuse it? Perhaps you can use it as compost outside? The possibilities are endless, so let’s review a few below.

Try To Grow More Mushrooms

Have you considered doing something that will increase your cultivation skills? Grow some more mushrooms! All you need to do is repeat the instructions on your substrate bag. And if you’re in town, make sure to replicate the instructions exactly, or you might find that the batch doesn’t come out as well as the last. Mushroom grow kits are meant to last a few batches, so have fun!

Move It Outdoors

Shifting your home-grown mushroom kit outdoors does a few things for you. First, you’re switching up the environmental conditions, which challenge you to grow them under different circumstances, making you a more well-rounded cultivator.

In addition, your substrate block is a great soil amendment that can nourish your other plants. Give your potted plants an extra boost with fresh nutrients. Just crumble up the block, place it in the pot on top of the soil around the plant, and your plants will thank you. This is an excellent thing to do with mushroom grow kits.

Make More Kits

If adventurous, use a substrate bag and make a mushroom kit. This is pretty advanced, but as it turns out, Oyster mushroom grow kits are perfect for this sort of thing. They are both hydrated and usually fruited fairly recently. Give the hungry mycelium added nutrition. It’s already “eaten” the nutrients in the block, so adding a substrate bag will give it the nutrients it needs to grow again.

First, use some new substrate that mycelium can digest properly. A fertilizer or chopped straw is perfect for this. Procure a container so that you’ll have it for your substrate. Make sure the container has many holes in it. After that, follow the same procedure, and you’ll be home-free!

Overall, there are many ways to work with your mushroom grow kits after first use. If you’re in the market for mushroom grow kits, check out our selection at Midwest Organics! We have everything you need for all your mushroom-growing needs.

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