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The Monster Ecosphere Spawn Bag & Casing Package is for the grower looking to maximize the growing potential using the bulk casing method. This package will grow the most mushrooms possible per sq./ft.! The Monster Ecosphere's climate control system & Monsoon Humidifier uses convection, infrared heat, high density fog technologies to evenly heat and humidify the entire area while eliminating hot spots and temperature and humidity variations. Choose between our 5grain spawn bags or 30oz 5grain Jars!

    • The Mushroom Ecosphere Includes:
      • Massive 17.7 Cubic Feet of interior growing space. 31” X 22” X 63” (L X W X H)
      • Polyethylene shell with easy zip and roll up access
      • 4 shelves- Easy to setup steel alloy tubular frame. Assembles in minutes. No tools required!
      • Custom Built Convection Climate Control System
      • 200W light-free Infrared heat lamp
      • 5" Metal DC Fan
      • New Mushroom Monsoon High Density Fog Humidifier 
      • 5' Adjustable tubing
      • **New for 2021** Digital Temperature Controller/Thermostat
      • 24 Hour programmable Timer for Humidifier System
      • 24 Hour programmable Timer for Lighting System
      • Bluetooth Smart Wireless Hygrometer/Thermometer
      • Drip tarp
      • Lava Rocks (1-Quart)
      • 900 Lumen 360 degree 360 degree LED grow light
      • 12' Light cord with outlet adapter
      • 1000 Lumen 110V LED Dual Spectrum spot grow light
      • Socket Light Adapter for Spot Light
      • 6 Peel and Stick Poly Filter disks for maximizing fresh air exchange
      • Detailed setup instructions with step by step photos
      • Instant Access to our library of growing guides for Jars/Spawn
      • Bags/Bulk Growing & much more!

  • Monster Package Includes the following:
  • 8 Premium 5-Grain Spawn Bags or 12 30oz 5Grain Jars ($100.00)
  • 6 Select Bulk Casing Mix -5 pounds ($108.00)
  • 3 Gallons of Vermiculite ($10.00)
  • 6 Aluminum Casing Trays ($15.00)
  • Wireless Smart Thermometer/Hygrometer (click here for description)

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    The Monster Monsoon Mushroom Ecosphere is the turn-key solution to growing in mass quantities. By utilizing vertical space, the Mushroom Ecosphere has over 17 cubic feet of interior space while only taking up a small amount of floor space. The Ecosphere gives you 4 customizable tiers of growing room allowing for multiple growing projects all in one all-inclusive setup! With all the grain and substrate you'll need to grow over 60 dry ounces of your favorite mushroom!

    Bulk Growing requires a lot of humidity and proper temperatures to achieve the highest level of success. You must have the ability to regulate the growing temperature and humidity levels. The traditional methods of heating and humidifying simply do not work with a kit of this size and type of material. Our research and development team spent over 9 months building and testing countless prototypes. The final production climate control system & Monsoon Humidifier uses convection, infrared heat, high density fog technologies to evenly heat and humidify the entire area while eliminating hot spots and temperature and humidity variations.

    The Ecosphere is now completely self-automated and extremely easy to use! Simply place the climate control system on the bottom rack. Plug it in to the new temperature controller and set the desired temperature on the thermostat! Set it and forget it! Be prepared for a game changing experience!

    Each heating system is built and tested by a licensed electrician.

    Choose your grain spawn! First time growers can now choose 12 of our 30oz 5grain jars if desired!

    Add a 5th Tier Attic shelf for even more incubating or fruiting room! (Click Here)

    Maximum recommended substrate capacity or a combination.

    Jars only Spawn Bags Casing Trays
    8 Cases    20 Bags      7 Trays
    (96 Jars) (10 orders) (7- Select Casing Mix)

    Overall Customer Rating of 24 Reviews:

    Love it

    Got everything I wanted in days, Cheaper than mycetrap without the stories. Thanks guys

    Great value for the investment

    Complete novice here but happy I started 'big' with this kit. Just about everything you may need as a hobbyist is here with plenty of room to grow. I also bought 5-Grain Spawn Bags and Bulk Casing Mix here. I already have a few fully colonized spawn bags ready to enter the next stage. To me the most important benefit for this investment is the support Midwest gives. I've asked many questions about the use of equipment and supplies and they always got back to me the following day. As a total novice this is invaluable.


    Excellent results simple set up

    After a very simple set up due to the clear instructions. I noticed a large improvement in mycelium growth, overnight !

    Jason Curtis

    Great kit!

    I love that they've taken the time to figure out how to make this accessible to more people. Fantastic kits to grow with!

    My 3rd

    <p>I can't say enough good things! I am averaging 9-11 dry oz per tray and running 7 trays per tent. If you are looking for space versus output this system is turn-key solution. <br></p>

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