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First, lets talk about all the online forums & groups. These can be a great tool for new growers but they also can be overwhelming and confusing. There are hundreds of "how-to" guides & videos all over the internet. There is not only one correct way to grow. Mushrooms can be grown in all different mediums and methods. Using the proper ingredients and technique is key. What we see all the time is information overload. Every forum/group or site may have their preferred way or suggest their way is the best. People tend to read many variations of a growing technique and mix different methods. This is what leads to failures.We've made the kit design a certain way for a reason. Eliminate variables that often cause failure. 

Why our grow kit design differ..

  • When we designed our kits we had to make sure that they were as foolproof as possible. A huge factor in growing is temperature. Too hot or too cold makes a huge difference. Most of our kits include heaters that will efficiently warm your grow without having to heat an entire room.
  • Another factor is where you decide to grow. Whether it's a spare bedroom, basement or crawlspace there is a kit for you. Our larger kits all include their own air exchange system. Instead of drilling holes all over your growing container (called shotgun style) and using air from the room, we use a low pressure aquarium air pump connected to a unique HEPA filter hose that pumps air in automatically. While this may seem unnecessary to some, it's been a huge success for almost 10 years now. You literally can grow in any indoor spot without having to think about how clean or dirty it is.
  • The kits are reusable! All the items in the kit can be reused except the substrate itself. The glass jars can be used again, along with all the equipment.

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