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Hepa Hose Filter Pack
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Item #: HP1 -

Replacement HEPA filter hoses for use with our Hydroponic Humidifier system.

Digital Thermometer & Humidity Meter (HTC-1)
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Item #: HTC1 -

This Grower's Select digital thermometer is perfect for monitoring the incubation and fruiting temperatures of your mushroom growing setup. The large easy to read screen displays temperature and humidity levels at the same time. The HTC-1 has been popular among growers for years and is the go-to model for easy accurate readings.

Jumbo Mushroom Drying Kit
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Item #: JD01 -

This kit includes everything you need to dry a large amount of mushrooms perfectly. There is no better way to prepare your mushrooms for storage than to dry them the right way without the use of heat. Our Jumbo Drying Kit is easy to use and combines two of the best desiccants we have tested for drying mushrooms. We recommend our Jumbo Drying kit for anyone growing 18 Jars or more, two or more spawn bags or any bulk grow.

Round Air Filter Vents 0.22 Micron with 3M Backing (32 Pack) filter disks
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Item #: FV2 -

(NEW!)  These 0.22 Micron Air Filtration Disks acts as a tool to allow gas exchange in culture containers, grain jars and liquid cultures. The strong 3M adhesive can withstand autoclave temperatures in excess of 250F at 15psi for extended periods when kept covered and dry during sterilization. The overall diameter of the filter is 19mm and the air hole is 10mm (.39"), perfect for standard 1/4" jar lid holes. This product can be stuck to clean hard surfaces, including standard metal jar...

Ecosphere Replacement Jet Fogger Humidifier System  Fogger, humidifier, mist, shroom
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Item #: FOG1 -

The Jet Fogger humidifier is part of the Ecosphere System that maintains humidity for fruiting. If you have a custom growing setup and need an additional humidifier, this product includes the AC adapter.

Tyvek Wide Mouth Synthetic Filter Discs with Injection Port (6-Pack) filter disc, 90mm, synthetic filter disk,
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Item #: FD1 -

These are the synthetic filter discs that are featured on our Quick Colonizing 5-grain Jars. They are thick reusable and have a filter level of .2 microns, the highest level of filtration available.These synthetic filters discs fit precisely on any "wide mouth" 90mm canning jar which are commonly used by today's cultivators. Usage of these discs allows a fresh, constant air exchange while preventing the entrance of unwanted contaminates. Use them in place of jar lids, or just drill a hole in...

Ecosphere Replacement Jet Fogger (No AC Adapter) Fogger, humidifier, mist, shroom
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Item #: FOG2 -

The Jet Fogger humidifier is part of the Ecosphere System that maintains humidity for fruiting. This product is intended as a replacement and does NOT include the 24V AC adapter.

Exo-Terra 2 Liter Ultra-Fine Atomizing Pump Mister
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Item #: EX2 -

The Exo Terra Mister is an easy-to-use pressure sprayer that eliminates the chore of using trigger sprayers. The spray nozzle can be adjusted to allow either single stream or full mist spraying, and it has a locking mechanism that allows for continuous spraying. The large capacity reservoir holds 2 litres (67.5 fl oz) and is ideal for use with larger or multiple terrariums, outdoor set-ups, and in greenhouses. Features: Spray Bottle with pump style designHuge 2 Liter Capacity No batteries...

Midwests Black Cow Manure Casing Mix - 5 lbs  manure, casing, substrate
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Item #: BC1 -

**NEW** Our new Black Cow Manure based casing may just be our best creation yet! The manure used in this casing mix is from organic grain fed dairy cows. The composting process from this manure is carefully monitored by high tech equipment. The manure is turned into specific size rows and water is added weekly to create the perfect environment. Beneficial microbes break down the manure reaching temperatures of 155 degrees. The manure compost is carefully mixed with Coir, vermiculite, spring...

Premium Coir Brick (650g)
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Item #: Cr1 -

(ON SALE) Coir is one of the best bulk mediums to grow mushrooms in. It's naturally resistant to mold and bacteria and mushrooms absolutely love it. When wet it expands to over 2.5 cubic feet. There are many different brands, styles and textures of coir sold for many different uses. We have hand selected Coco Coir, the best producing variety and brand available for growing mushrooms.

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Item #: verm01 -

Our premium horticulture vermiculite is simply the best grade and variety for mushroom growers. Almost all vermiculite sold in local stores is very coarse. It's hard to use properly in the mushroom growing process. We use only medium course Sun-Gro Premium grade Horticulture vermiculite in all our products! Vermiculite absorbs water and is a key ingredient in many aspects of mushroom growing and fruiting. Vermiculite is a popular add on to almost any kit or growing project. Use to roll your...

5th Tier Ecosphere Shelf Extra Shelf for Ecosphere Kits
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Item #: ECO5 -

Need more space in your Ecosphere? Adding a 5th tier is simple! This shelf will fit seamlessly in the empty slots on the top shelf of your greenhouse.