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Bonsai 99.99% HEPA Horizontal Laminar Flow Hood  Laminar,Flow Hood,Clean,Bench,HEPA
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(Back in Stock!)   Say hello to the endless possibilities a Laminar Flow Hood brings to this hobby!  The HEPAFLOW-12 is a personal and portable Horizontal Laminar Flow Hood which combines a 135 cubic foot per minute fan and a 12"x12" Ultra-Micron HEPA filter rated at 99.99% efficient at 0.3 microns.  The fan filter combination produces 200 feet per minute down flow which is above the standard of laboratory and clean room use. Whether you are a beginner or advanced grower...

Ultimate Mushroom Growing Kit
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Midwest Grow Kit's Ultimate Mushroom growing kit is one of our best selling kits! Built for the beginner or the advanced grower looking to save time! This mushroom kit is completely automated! Perfect temperature and humidity are easily achieved for each stage of the process! Setup is a breeze and with 12 of our ultimate jars and room for up to 18, this kit simply out performs any kit in its price range! The Ultimate Mushroom Kit features an innovative positive pressure air exchange system...

5grain Spawn Bags
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Over 9 years ago we introduced the new organic 5-Grain Spawn Bags. We are constantly growing and testing these bags and making sure what you buy today is the best they have ever been. The feedback we have received has been just been phenomenal! These spawn bags are one of a kind and not available anywhere else. The size, quantity and potency of the mushrooms these bags produce are simply amazing! While the exact recipe is our secret, we start with organic rye berries as our base and add 4...

Premium Quick-Colonizing 5-grain Jar (24oz)  spawn bags, 5grain, fast growing jars. Bulk casing substrate
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(Due to supplier shortage on Glassware- These are back-ordered until further notice) Midwest Grow Kits is excited to release our new quick-colonizing 5-grain blend. This new combination is prepared in a new type of glass jar now available in a tapered 24oz size. This new design allows the cake to simply slide out when finished. These jars have been known to colonize in as quickly as 16-21 days! After colonized, break up and mix with casing! For bulk casing grows use 2 jars per 5 lbs of casing...

Premium Liquid Culture Kit - Easy Spore Germinating & Mushroom Cloning System
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 Midwest's Premium Liquid Culture Kit saves you time and money on any larger growing project. Turn one spore syringe into 10 or more! Simply inject 3-5 cc's of your favorite spores in the culture jar and watch it transform into liquid mycelium. In a few days it will be ready to inject into any substrate jar or spawn bag. How it works Our proprietary blend of sugars and fermented grain proteins provide the perfect liquid environment for mushroom spores to germinate and turn into liquid...

Simple Mushroom Grow Kit
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Midwest Grow Kit's Simple Mushroom kit is a great place to start for the budget conscious grower. Our Simple kit is perfect for growing edible and exotic species of mushrooms. We take you through the entire process from start to finish. The PF style substrate jars are specially formulated to grow faster, larger and quicker than any other kit out there! Growing has never been easier! Our Ultimate substrate jars are the quite possibly the best on the net! We have worked for over 10 years looking...

Deluxe Spawn Bag Growing and Casing Kit
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Midwest Grow Kit's Deluxe Spawn Bag Growing and Casing kit includes everything you need to start your Bulk spawn bag growing experience! Start by injecting your favorite spores in the spawn bags and incubate them for 3-4 weeks. Next, break them up after they are fully colonized and mix with the included casing mix. Allow to re-colonize for 7-10 days and then watch as it turns into a "field of shrooms" The combination of our specially formulated 5-Grain Spawn bags, self-healing injector port...

Silica Gel Drying Canisters (25-Count) dry mushrooms,mushroom storage
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Keep your mushrooms dry! High room humidity or mushrooms that just aren't dried thoroughly can invite mold. Silica gel is a desiccant that absorbs water. These 2 gram canisters allow your dried mushrooms to be stored in a Zip-lock Freezer bag regardless of the humidity or dampness. Simply add a few of these into a Zip-lock Freezer bag with your dried mushrooms and any remaining moisture will be contained by these mini canisters. The silica is protected by the plastic housing which is rated...

Hygrolid Mushroom Storage System
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New Version 3.0 for 2020 now in stock!Hygrolid system is the perfect storage solution for your dried mushrooms. Most of our customers end up growing much more than they can consume! There has always been a question on what is the best way to store dried mushrooms so they do not go bad. Our Hygrolid system is the answer! Typically the shelf life of dried mushrooms is 3-6 months. The Hygrolid system dries, cures and stores your mushrooms at top flavor/potency for a year or longer! Works with any...

The Capsule Machine - Bonus Kit
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Many people enjoy the health benefits and medicinal properties of mushrooms but do not like the taste. Making your own capsules can be very tricky and usually results in spilled or damaged capsules. Our bonus kit includes 100 size "00" capsules, which easily make 500mg capsules and silica gel desiccant pouches for long term storage. The Capsule Machine is one of the best home encapsulating devices on the market. It automatically joins and ejects filled capsules, making it faster and easier to...

The Mushroom Ecosphere greenhouse,grow mushrooms,grow tent
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Midwest Grow Kits is proud to release the Mushroom Ecosphere. Like us, many people enjoy growing many different mediums at the same time. Whether it’s jars, spawn bags or bulk casing trays this is the turn-key solution to growing in mass quantities. By utilizing vertical space, the Mushroom Ecosphere has over 17 cubic feet of interior space while only taking up a small amount of floor space. The Ecosphere gives you 4 customizable tiers of growing room allowing for multiple growing projects all...

Premium Manure-Based Bulk Casing Mix - 2.5 lbs manure, casing, substrate
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Our manure comes from organic pasture fed horses, their diet is not supplemented with feed and the manure has been meticulously collected and aged especially for mushroom cultivation purposes. While the manure may be the star of the show, we have carefully selected the following additional ingredients in our mix, each complimenting the manure and producing what we know as the best blend of casing mix to date! Each 2.5 pound bag of Premium Manure-Based Casing Mix comes fully hydrated, vacuum...