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  • Sterilizing the surfaces of your work area prior to spore inoculation
  • Add second sterilizing method to spore syringe needles during inoculation.
  • Sterilizing injection sites on spawn bags prior to inoculation.
  • Stop many strains of mold and 99.9% of bacteria from spreading in your fruiting chamber.
  • Sterilize spore prints while making your own spore syringes.
  • Small enough to use inside a glove-box.
  • Keep damp perlite sanitized in between flushes.
  • Has been shown to save cakes that have small mold spots growing.
  • Many more uses outside the mushroom world!
  • Sanitize your cell phone, Kitchen counters, Utensils, bathrooms, toothbrushes, desktops, computer keyboard & many more!

The 15.25” long, built in safety switch, adjustable timer settings, built in safety features include auto-off when tilted upward for additional eye protection. Instructions and additional guide on how to use properly during the mushroom growing process are included. Requires 4AA batteries (not included).

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    (Sale Price good through June 1st) Professional Laboratory technology is now available in a portable handheld device that emits a specialized UV-C light that kills 99.99% of all bacteria, mold, viruses, and germs in one scan. We’ve tested many UV sterilizers and have found this portable device operating at 254.3nm extremely effective and safe for use in mycology.

    UV Sterilization offers another layer of protection against contamination. The UV-C light penetrates and destroys the DNA of thin walled germs like mold, bacteria and viruses but is safe on mushroom spores, cultures and the growing mycelium. There are countless uses for this technology for indoor mushroom growing.

    Overall Customer Rating of 8 Reviews:

    UV-C Light

    worked like a charm

    • very easy
    • none

    UV-C Germicidal light

    • Great sterilizer sans chemicals.
    • Rocker switch
    Great light. The safety feature that turns light off when light is tilted up is annoying. The light is difficult to use when the light is placed in the glove box because the light turns off if the light doesn't remain perfectly horizontal.


    Quick review: Was a little skeptical at first, hard to find solid research on this subject, but after some contamination issues in my last round of jars, (mainly my fault) I tried using one of these during my sterile room injection and amazingly all 24 jars were contam free after 5 days! I even held this on my spore syringe for like 5 minutes straight and all 24 jars germinated and are looking good! My only con would be the batteries last about 1 hour of total usage.. not a big deal but just make sure you have some fresh AA's!

    Death to mold!!!!!!

    • really works
    <p>Just fried a mold spot on a casing grow!! Dark green fuzzy spot died turned black after 5 sessions of holding it there for like 2 minutes! Seems like the mycellium is now growing around the spot and not retreating! Lets hope it doesnt come back now. </p>

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